Sunday, April 12, 2015

National Chess Championship 2015: Playoff into MM 2015 - Jimmy the 1st to qualify

The playoff for qualification into Malaysian Masters is ongoing at OCM from 10/4 to 12/4. Top 2 finishers from this playoff will join NCC Champion 2015, Yeoh Li Tian from Selangor, in Malaysian Masters 2015.

This year Malaysian Masters comprises members from last year National Men Squad, one highest eligible active FIDE rated players (March release), and one highest eligible FIDE rated (min. elo 2300) titled player  .

 A total of 5 players (originally was 6) are involved in the playoff which is conducted based on Single Round Robin format .Ooi Zhi Yang from Penang withdrew himself from the playoff few days before the schedule of the playoff starts.

The seeding of the playoff is based on NCC 2015 standing i.e. 1. Muhd Syazwan from TRG, 2. Lye Lik Zang from KL, 3. IM Jimmy Liew from Selangor, 4. Saprin from Selangor, and lastly Ryan Chan from Penang.

4 rounds were completed so far.

CAS congratulates IM Jimmy Liew who had just completed all his 4 games to become the first player from the playoff qualifies into Malaysian Masters 2015.  

The last round will commence @ 3pm. The 2nd qualifier will comes from the battle between Lye of KL and Saprin of Selangor.

Can Saprin makes it a 1-2-3 from Selangor!?

Saprin, Lets do it!