Monday, May 24, 2010

12th CAS - OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro on 13th June 2010 (Sunday)

This is a Nationally-rated event. This is an event specially created for you if you are interested in obtaining your first national rating (not many events are nationally-rated in a year) or see how much you have improved in playing strength since the last rating released in April 2010.

You may pre-register yourself for this event by sending an email (your name and hp number) to

Pemilihan ke Kejohanan Catur Kebangsaan 2010 dan Kejohanan Catur Kebangsaan (Wanita) 2010

Persekutuan Catur Malaysia akan menganjurkan Kejohanan tahunan tersebut di atas pada 16hb Jun hingga 20hb Jun 2010 bertempat di Dectar, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Ahli-ahli yang ingin menyertai Kejohanan ini melalui Persatuan dijemput mendaftar nama dan nombor talipon bimbit di www:// atau berhubung terus dengan Setiausaha Kehormat IA Lim Tse Pin ( tel: 012-2984922) pada atau sebelum 4hb Jun 2010 bagi tujuan pemilihan.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CAS Closed 2010: Final Ranking

FM Nicholas Chan (in the centre) again stamped his superiority after winning in the recent Selangor Open, to sweep with a clean score in the CAS Closed tournament this afternoon. Kamaluddin Yusof with 5 points ( on his right) took the 2nd spot while Muhd Nabil ( to his left ) with 4 1/2 points whom he shared with two other players ( newly elected Vice President Yeoh Chin Seng and Perak player Mark Siew ) was 3rd .

List of winners in the Selangor Closed 2010 as follows:

CAS Closed 2010: Round 5 Pairing

Rd 4 saw several interesting results being produced. IM Jimmy Liew lost to WCM Nur Nabila on Table 2, newly elected Vice-president of CAS NM Yeoh Chin Seng drew with WFM Nur Najiha on Table 3. A good performance for Azman's children.

MSSWP Chief Trainer Shamsuddin defeated NJM Muhd Tariq on Table 7. Yeoh Li Tian was outplayed by Jimmy in Rd3.

Monday, May 10, 2010

33rd AGM of CAS and tournament for her members

CAS will be organising a 1-day open tournament exclusively for the members of the association in conjunction with the AGM to be held on 23rd May 2010 @ DAT Chess Centre, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex, KL.

Please click here to download the infosheet on the tournament. If you would like to join the event but not yet a member, you can sign up for CAS membership on the spot. This tournament which offers 20 prizes is expected to attract between 30 and 40 members (juniors and adults).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

37th Selangor Open Tournament 2010 - Final day

( Photograph of the winners together with CAS and MCF officials after the Prize Giving Ceremony - In the closing speech the CAS President En Shafruddin inter-alia thanked the participants who included players from Penang, Johore , Perak and Trengganu as well as the home base Selangor and the Klang Valley contributing to the success of this open Tournament. In addition the many juniors who participated in such full time control event thus enabling them to benchmark against the core of seasoned local players augurs well for chess in the country)

FM Nicholas Chan retained his title this year when his eighth round opponent Ian Udani could only manage a draw while the final round draw was academic securing him with a 1/2 point lead. Ian Udani later faced another setback in Round 9 when he lost his end game to a determined Kamalarifin Wahiduddin relegating him to 8th placing.

Final Standing and Cross Table of the 37th Selangor Open Chess Tournament:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

37th Selangor Open Tournament 2010 - Day 3

FM Nicholas Chan continued his winning streak with 6 1/2 points fending off his three opponents IM Jimmy Liew, Nik Ahmad Farouqi and Mohd Khair Wahiduddin today. Trailing with 1 point behind is Ian Udani, Kamalarifin Wahiduddin and IM Jimmy Liew. It will be Ian Udani's turn to take a shot at the leader in Round 8 while the other two will meet each other.

Trailing behind is a group of promising juniors namely Yeoh Li Tian, Mohd Nabil Azman Hisham, Fong Yit San, Muhd Shakir Shazmeer Azhar, Muhd Shazwan Zulkifli and Low Jun Jian, and senior player Loo Swee Leong to complete the list of 5-pointers

The final day with two more rounds to go tomorrow will continue to be an exciting battle for these players