Sunday, March 18, 2012

CAS Calendar for the Year 2012

After 5 hours of Council Meeting on last Tuesday, CAS is pleased to announce that we will get active again in the chess scene despite lacking in manpower and funding for all activities that will be organised from this year onwards.

We hope the chess community can lend a big support in our events. All dates are confirmed. The infosheet for the 39th Selangor Open can be obtained from here.

Updated 24th March 2012: The Selangor Juniors for U12 and U16 originally on 17th June will be rescheduled to another suitable date since there is another tournament for Juniors that will take place in KL. The event was advertised to public much earlier, however, CAS Council is unaware of that development. CAS always committed in honouring the policy of "No clash on tournament dates based on whoever announce event first".

39th Selangor Open [1st May to 6th May 2012]

CAS is pleased to announce that Selangor Open, a FIDE-rated and National-rated event, will be held from 1st May to 6th May 2012. There is a change in the schedule format if compares with previous years. It is to accomodate more working adults and school going children to take part in this event.

The first 2 rounds will be played on 1st May (Labour Day). Rd 1 @ 2PM followed by Rd 2 @ 7PM. As for Rd 3 to Rd 5, it will start at 7PM on each following day. Then, Rd 6 and Rd 7 on 5th May (Saturday) followed by Rd 8 & Rd 9 on Sunday.

CAS hopes this schedule will be able to attract more people from chess community to support this self-funded event (as of today). The main prize for this event has been extended to top 15 (instead of top 10 winners). Also, CAS is offering top 3 teams (Gold medals, Silver medals and Bronze medals) for IPT/School category. Each IPT/School must send 4 players to be eligible for the prizes.

Entries with payment receives by 23rd April shall entitled to RM 30 discount. In addition, a further 20% discount shall be given to IPT/Schools that send at least 4 players.

CAS hopes all chess bloggers / coaches / academies / associations in Malaysia can lend the support to advertise this Oldest Chess Event in Malaysia in chess blogs and share with as many chess friends as possible to make this event a success.

For better viewing, you can click on the respective image followed by right-click on the image to save it as a picture file. Then, use any image viewer software on your pc to view the enlarged version.

You may click here to get a copy of infosheet in pdf format.