Monday, May 2, 2016

43rd Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2016 - in pictures

Champion - IM Dimakiling Oliver, Phillipines( Fide 2372 )
Top Three Winners - IM Dimakiling Oliver, FM Yeoh Li Tian, and IM Lioe Dede
with CAS officials IA Lim Tse Pin, VP  Ahmad Shafruddin and VP Yeoh Chin Seng
All prize winners of the 43rd Selangor Chess Open 2016
Happy faces of the largest foreign contingent of 16 players from Indonesia

A big Thank You to all Organisers, Sponsors, Players and Supporters 

43rd Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2016 - Results

Open Section
Challenger section

Sunday, May 1, 2016

4th KUSESS Chess Tournament (21/5 & 22/5)

KUSESS will be organizing their event on 21/5 (Individual) and 22/5 (Team). This is a National-rated event.

The Infosheet as follows:-

The Individual Registration Form as follows:-

The Team Registration Form as follows:-

Saturday, April 30, 2016

2nd DPulze Open Chess Tournament (7/5 - 8/5)

 It is back!!! Due to overwhelming participation and responds to last year's event, DPulze Shopping Centre proudly present the 2nd DPulze Open Chess Festival on 7th and 8th May 2016.

 This two-day event is organized by Tesla Chess Academy in collaboration with DPulze Shopping Centre.

Attractive cash PRIZES worth up to RM7,550 are up for grabs! Don't miss out on this chance by REGISTERING NOW!  Limited space available for the FIRST 200 participants!  This is a national-rated event.

Visit this site for registration processes. The registration dateline is extended to 3rd May 2016.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

43rd Selangor Open:- Start today

For the latest update on the OPEN section, click here.

For the latest update on the CHALLENGER section, click here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

43rd Selangor Open (28/4 - 2/5): Name List (Official Update#3)

As of 21st April, there are 7 IM, 5 FM, 2 CM, 1 WIM, 5 WFM and 1 WCM among 81 players who have registered in the Open Section. While the Challenger Section has 137 players.

The name list for the OPEN section who have registered as of 21st April as follows:-

No. MCR ID Names Irtg NRtg FED Status Sex Type
1 MCRF01269 Ali, Muhammad Lutfi 2425 2374 INA FOC M Open
2 MCRF00026 Dimakiling, Oliver  2372 2253 PHI FOC M Open
3 MCR000016 Jimmy Liew Chee-Meng 2195 2025 MAS FOC M Open
4 MCRF00025 Lioe, Dede 2370 2319 INA FOC M Open
5 MCR004087 Mohd Kamal Abdullah 2089 1965 MAS FOC M Open
6 MCR000034 Mohd Saprin Sabri 2025 1899 MAS FOC M Open
7 MCRF00015 Nolte, Rolando 2436 2330 PHI FOC M Open
8 MCRF00381 Pascua, Haridas  2427 2299 PHI FOC M Open
9 MCRF00360 Senador, Emmanuel 2336 2198 PHI FOC M Open
10 MCR000269 Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor 1874 1701 MAS Paid M Open
11 MCR000270 Amir Ghaazi Mohd Saprin 1859 1828 MAS Paid M Open
12 MCR000520 Ang Jing Xuan 1520 1604 MAS Paid M Open
13 MCR008098 Annadurai Narayanasamy  1272 MAS Paid M Open
14 MCR000801 Asadullah Qamar 1588 1533 MAS Paid M Open
15 MCR000224 Awang Mohd Syafie Mohd Kifflee  1854 1864 MAS Paid M Open
16 MCRF00100 Bagamasbad, Efren 2126 2088 PHI Paid M Open
17 MCR002545 Chan Kim Yew 2025 1767 MAS Paid M Open
18 MCR000415 Chan Kok Leong 1782 1610 MAS Paid M Open
19 MCR001311 Cheah Kah Hoe 1697 1735 MAS Paid M Open
20 MCR004178 Chew Yaw Chong 1973 1739 MAS Paid M Open
21 MCR000121 Dawson Tan Soon Wei 1982 1898 MAS Paid M Open
22 MCR000152 Dilwen Ding Tze How 2429 1717 MAS Paid M Open
23 Dossey, Mark Alexander USA Paid M Open
24 MCR000916 Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad Nazari 1529 1541 MAS Paid F Open
25 MCR000199 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari 1800 1901 MAS Paid M Open
26 MCR004079 Eric Cheah  2124 1881 MAS Paid M Open
27 MCR016380 Eshwant Singh 1675 1720 MAS Paid M Open
28 MCR000311 Syawal Aqmar Shahrir Ariff 1710 1635 MAS Paid M Open
29 MCR000066 Fairul Yusoff 1832 1744 MAS Paid M Open
30 MCR000042 Faizal Andin 2022 1954 MAS Paid M Open
31 MCR000756 Ho Chen Ee 1602 1594 MAS Paid F Open
32 MCR019898 Imran Shafiq Shahrol Anuar 1337 MAS Paid M Open
33 MCR000041 Ismail Ahmad 2028 1848 MAS Paid M Open
34 MCR001224 Jarell Cheong Tze Wen 1425 1625 MAS Paid M Open
35 MCR000050 Jax Tham Tick Hong  2009 1792 MAS Paid M Open
36 MCR004552 Ghazali Che Cob 1576 MAS Paid M Open
37 MCR004097 Kaushal Khandhar 2035 1899 MAS Paid M Open
38 MCR003907 Lee Care Greene 1476 1584 MAS Paid M Open
39 MCR004294 Lieu Chin Yung 1904 1752 MAS Paid M Open
40 MCR000131 Lim Kian Hwa 1732 1694 MAS Paid M Open
41 MCR000037 Looi Xin Hao 2009 1940 MAS Paid M Open
42 MCR000020 Lye Lik Zang  2035 2017 MAS Paid M Open
43 MCR000466 Melanie Koo Wei Wei 1626 1698 MAS Paid F Open
44 MCR000490 Mohd Izwan Mohd Zolhanafiah 1496 1488 MAS Paid M Open
45 MCR000127 Muhd Ali Chor 1928 1855 MAS Paid M Open
46 MCR000027 Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham 1954 1909 MAS Paid M Open
47 MCR000185 Ng Jen Sheng 2132 2011 MAS Paid M Open
48 MCR000030 Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali 1994 1846 MAS Paid M Open
49 MCR000046 Nur Nabila Azman Hisham 2025 1856 MAS Paid F Open
50 MCR000047 Ooi Zhi Yang 2091 2001 MAS Paid M Open
51 MCR000257 Rosamund Koo Wei Xin 1870 1840 MAS Paid F Open
52 MCR000529 Ryan Chan Yi Meng 1929 1872 MAS Paid M Open
53 MCR001368 Shreesh Amit Chembeti 1582 1623 MAS Paid M Open
54 MCR000375 Sri Shiva Kumar Narayanan 1544 1375 MAS Paid M Open
55 MCR000153 Subramanian Sivanesan 1969 1906 MAS Paid M Open
56 MCRF00086 Tamin, Upi Darmayana 2037 1783 INA Paid F Open
57 MCR000233 Tan Jun Ying 1989 1926 MAS Paid M Open
58 MCR000067 Tan Kok Liang 1901 1814 MAS Paid M Open
59 MCR000039 Tan Li Ting-G (KL 1998) 2011 1904 MAS Paid F Open
60 MCR000089 Tan Wei Hao 1908 1890 MAS Paid M Open
61 MCR000138 Tan Yong Zhao 1747 1735 MAS Paid M Open
62 MCR001214 Thang Kit Han 1479 1648 MAS Paid M Open
63 MCRF00070 Villanueva, Nelson 2132 2111 PHI Paid M Open
64 MCR000673 Wan Mohd Azmie Wan Abd Rahim 1620 1652 MAS Paid M Open
65 MCR000956 Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong 1567 1565 MAS Paid M Open
66 MCR000074 Wong Yinn Long 2173 2006 MAS Paid M Open
67 MCR000002 Yeoh Li Tian 2400 2262 MAS Paid M Open
68 MCR022432 Ziz Zam Aziz 1428 MAS Paid M Open
69 Budiarti, Farah Yumna 2160 INA POA F Open
70 MCRF01611 Evi Yuliana 1740 1425 INA POA F Open
71 MCRF01157 Fisabilillah, Ummi 2019 1917 INA POA F Open
72 MCRF01207 Khadijah, Qurota'ain 1932 1824 INA POA M Open
73 MCRF01322 Legowo, Parahita Millyena 2047 1795 INA POA F Open
74 MCRF00131 Md Monir, Hossain 1794 1630 BAN POA M Open
75 MCRF00114 Ng, Hwee Khoon Jimmy  2072 1796 SIN POA M Open
76 MCRF01015 Nugroho, Angel Ruth 1368 INA POA F Open
77 Nur Abidah, Shanti 2018 INA POA F Open
78 Nurul Wahidatul 1863 INA POA F Open
79 Pardoen, Alain 2138 AUS POA M Open
80 Hanfin, Zahra Chumaira Amelia INA POA F Open

81MCRF00082Pitra, Andika22602119INAPOAMOpen

The name list for the CHALLENGER section who have registered as of 21st April as follows:-

No.MCR IDNamesIrtgNRtgFEDStatusSexType
1MCR019748Aghilan Naythean Sinnapar1288MASPaidMChallenger
2MCR016134Agnes Chong Kai Ni10871431MASPaidFChallenger
3MCR001049Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam14671575MASPaidMChallenger
4MCR000542Ahmad Saifuddin Yasin1477MASPaidMChallenger
5MCR005685Ahmad Termizi Abdullah 1473MASPaidMChallenger
6MCR014752Ainul Luqmanul Hakim Hazni1042MASPaidMChallenger
7Ainur Emilynne 'Aisya Nur Aizul Adzwan-G0MASPaidFChallenger
8MCR000793Alden Goh Kai Ray14441569MASPaidMChallenger
9MCR001132Allaida Siow-G1519MASPaidFChallenger
10MCR000469Amir Muqqri Mohd Saprin16261605MASPaidMChallenger
11MCR000291Amir Qayyim Mohd Saprin16571534MASPaidMChallenger
12MCR019792Amirthen Yohann Sinnapar1245MASPaidMChallenger
13MCR015350Anders Yew Jin Chen1384MASPaidMChallenger
14MCR000454Aqil Ainuddin Naufal Akhramsyah16421648MASPaidMChallenger
15MCR002115Arif Alauddin Wafi Akhramsyah 12561548MASPaidMChallenger
16MCR000159Baharuddin Hamzah18401627MASPaidMChallenger
17MCR003925Balqis Batrisya Hairul-G1323MASPaidFChallenger
18MCR003736Brandon Tien Sreenivasan1568MASPaidMChallenger
19MCR003645Brien Foo Jiu Weir12381544MASPaidMChallenger
20MCR018644Chen Tzi Herng 13991519MASPaidMChallenger
21MCR003517Chew Wei Zhi1294MASPaidMChallenger
22MCR000923Chew Wen Da16841775MASPaidMChallenger
23MCR001254Chew Zhi Qi1607MASPaidMChallenger
24MCR001680Chia Zheng May11531226MASPaidFChallenger
25MCR010199Chin Shun Yi13871266MASPaidFChallenger
26MCR007917Chin Siew Mei1284MASPaidFChallenger
27MCR001513Chin Yi Hao 14461485MASPaidMChallenger
28MCR003579Christopher Chong Ning1419MASPaidMChallenger
29Chua Jun Yang0MASPaidMChallenger
30MCR003968Claire Foo Jing Er1433MASPaidFChallenger
31MCR002961Clarance Foo Jiu Yarng10411517MASPaidMChallenger
32MCR013237Darral Dang Yien Wei1444MASPaidMChallenger
33MCR000535Dinessh Kumar Thanasegeren15301625MASPaidMChallenger
34MCR003408Divyasree Jayakumar1455MASPaidFChallenger
35MCR003045Erwan Nadzman Mohd Fauzy1427MASPaidMChallenger
36MCR000508Evan Loo Hsien Rong16071692MASPaidMChallenger
37MCR017874Fasha Qaisara Hairul-G1212MASPaidFChallenger
38MCR017887Gajavrman Pillai Sathasivam1214MASPaidMChallenger
39MCR017889Gan Yeun Bin14001304MASPaidMChallenger
40MCR015702Gavy Poon Khay Yie1240MASPaidMChallenger
41MCR015377Goh Yuh Hang1197MASPaidMChallenger
42MCR000296Hasidin Abdul Rashid14511400MASPaidMChallenger
43MCR019890Hiu Jack Yuan1304MASPaidMChallenger
44MCR000544Joel Su Weng Yang16191770MASPaidMChallenger
45MCR017956Joel Wong Jia Huai1113MASPaidMChallenger
46MCR016508Joshua Lee Shan Chen (WITHDRAW)1551MASPaidMChallenger
47MCR022791Kaseh Irsya Dania Mohd Nurul Izani-G1345MASPaidFChallenger
48MCR017972Keshav Palaniappan1346MASPaidMChallenger
49MCR003479Kong Dak Seng1480MASPaidMChallenger
50MCR004764Latifah Kaiyisah Mohd Latib-G15801605MASPaidFChallenger
51MCR006189Latifah Syamimi Mohd Latib-G1408MASPaidFChallenger
52MCR004197Lee Kwan Pin1690MASPaidMChallenger
53MCR015737Lee Yean Herng1449MASPaidMChallenger
54MCR004051Lim Joe Shawn 1227MASPaidMChallenger
55MCR001282Lim Juan Teng1459MASPaidMChallenger
56MCR018028Lim Yi Jun1222MASPaidMChallenger
57MCR018029Lim Yi Kai1258MASPaidMChallenger
58MCR007296Loh Qian Kai1362MASPaidMChallenger
59MCR003826Low Chee Fatt1402MASPaidMChallenger
60MCR000367Low Chee Pang 15861649MASPaidMChallenger
61MCR003637Lucas Ren Sreenivasan1326MASPaidMChallenger
62MCR015746Lucas Yip Zhen-Yu1312MASPaidMChallenger
63MCR000696Lum Sun Yuan16081538MASPaidMChallenger
64MCR016644Manresh Singh Anoop Singh1446MASPaidMChallenger
65MCR000377Mat Zaki Yeop16321542MASPaidMChallenger
66MCR020315Mohd Dzuhairy Abdul Rahim15381435MASPaidMChallenger
67MCR000325Mohd Firdaus Ahmad Johari17161402MASPaidMChallenger
68MCR004262Mohd Hezri Che Aziz18931655MASPaidMChallenger
69MCR001930Mohd Sameer Shaik Mahaboob Saleem15121475MASPaidMChallenger
70MCR019704Mohd Syafiq Ashraff Mohd Sham 1651MASPaidMChallenger
71MCR000339Mohd Yussaini Mohd Yusri14491480MASPaidMChallenger
72MCR000670Mohd Zullghafari Saparmin15551421MASPaidMChallenger
73MCR000458Muhd Ariez Azman 17241582MASPaidMChallenger
74Muhd Asyraf Ahmad Shah0MASPaidMChallenger
75MCR022983Muhd Azfar Muqri Mohd Nizam1200MASPaidMChallenger
76MCR004150Muhd Aziz Farhan Noor Akbar18591823MASPaidMChallenger
77MCR019365Muhd Emir Rasyid Emran1548MASPaidMChallenger
78MCR005917Muhd Faiz Zakaria1539MASPaidMChallenger
79MCR001116Muhd Ilhan Mansiz Hairul13961582MASPaidMChallenger
80MCR023048Muhd Irfan Danial Mohd Nurul Izani1373MASPaidMChallenger
81Muhd Jihadi Muhd Mokhtar0MASPaidMChallenger
82MCR021767Muhd Naqib Syabani11741326NZLPaidMChallenger
83MCR015188Muhd Syukur Razali12731448MASPaidMChallenger
84MCR000389Muhd Yusuff Ismail1515MASPaidMChallenger
85MCR001145Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah14071676MASPaidMChallenger
86MCR000485Ng Wei Kiang15241443MASPaidMChallenger
87MCR000739Ngasiman Hj Sapuan15391446MASPaidMChallenger
88Nicholas Ng0MASPaidMChallenger
89MCR020097Nik Emer Hisham Nik Ahmad Hisham1329MASPaidMChallenger
90MCR020098Nik Emin Hisham Nik Ahmad Hisham1372MASPaidMChallenger
91MCR015453Nik Muhd Haziq Nik Norhisham 13561464MASPaidMChallenger
92MCR000528Norazlin Juarih15451426MASPaidMChallenger
93MCR000305Norazwan Kamaruzaman16171585MASPaidMChallenger
94MCR021886Nur Aina Fateehah Mohd Rahiman-G1319MASPaidFChallenger
95MCR000672Nur Faiqah Aminuddin13321533MASPaidFChallenger
96MCR018356Nur Ismahani Khairul Nizam-G1405MASPaidFChallenger
97MCR002889Ong Zhiwei1463MASPaidFChallenger
98MCR001183Ooi Zhi Ping12691465MASPaidMChallenger
99MCR001689Padthmaruben Kumar1476MASPaidMChallenger
100MCRF01307Pascua, Gilbert C.1575PHIPaidMChallenger
101MCR020174Pheng Fook Weng1560MASPaidMChallenger
102MCR003765Pheng Win Xie1363MASPaidFChallenger
103MCR000601Praghashkumar Thanasegeren17711706MASPaidMChallenger
104MCR004047Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah Mat Zaki-G1235MASPaidFChallenger
105MCR000478Raja Bazil Bot Raja Badli15841610MASPaidMChallenger
106MCR001908Raja Bazilah Bot Raja Badli12061394MASPaidFChallenger
107MCR004869Raymond Lim Boon Keng1538MASPaidMChallenger
108MCR000133Rusdi Sidi1609MASPaidMChallenger
109MCR000737Ryan Lee13791631MASPaidMChallenger
110MCR002816Ryan Seow Chun Hong1540MASPaidMChallenger
111MCR000644Sean Yapp Yihong16141445MASPaidMChallenger
112MCR016088See Hooi Chin17071655MASPaidMChallenger
113MCR000036Shreyes Subramaniam18891848MASPaidMChallenger
114MCR001157Sim Jia Ru13051620MASPaidFChallenger
115MCR004793Syazrin Abd Rahman1552MASPaidMChallenger
116MCR005838Sze Cher Yee14401464MASPaidMChallenger
117MCR020230Tan Jiin Yih1381MASPaidMChallenger
118MCR003758Tan Li-Zhang1416MASPaidMChallenger
119MCR001012Tan Yong Hau14231476MASPaidMChallenger
120MCR019639Tee An Qi11431426MASPaidFChallenger
121MCR007945Teo Boon Kee1266MASPaidFChallenger
122MCR002511Teo Jun Sim1458MASPaidMChallenger
123MCR001877Tharuna Ruben Rao Gunalan1396MASPaidMChallenger
124MCR020260Vishaantan Retnaswaran1095MASPaidMChallenger
125MCR018896Wong Kah Hing15301595MASPaidMChallenger
126MCR000142Wong Kiiug Lik17421684MASPaidMChallenger
127MCR001410Wong Qi Hao1516MASPaidMChallenger
128MCR015507Wong Qi Zhi1458MASPaidMChallenger
129MCR001606Wong Shu Rui15251530MASPaidFChallenger
130MCR022166Zachary Lee Zhia Chen1279MASPaidMChallenger
131MCR006278Zaindra Mahazam Shah Darawin1555MASPaidMChallenger
132MCRF01023Elisabeth, Christine1578INAPOAFChallenger
133Liuviann, Cecilia Natalie0INAPOAFChallenger
134MCRF01634Yousefi, Masoomeh1436IRIPOAFChallenger

135 MCR002184 Amir Faiz Amirul 1468 1503 MAS Paid M Challenger
136 MCR006923 Amirul Haji Mohd 1250 MAS Paid M Challenger
137 Devendra Rajan Selvarajan MAS Paid M Challenger

This name list is more or less the Final List. If your name is missing from this list, please send an email to ASAP.

We will not entertain any request after 25th April (Monday).