Wednesday, April 16, 2014

41st Selangor Open [FIDE-rated]: Update#2

This is the oldest chess tournament in Malaysia. CAS hopes to get your support in participating so that this event can carry on as part of Malaysian Chess since 1974.

We appreciate players (listed below) who have signed up for this year edition and hope that this edition does not create an all-time low turnout. It may come a day when CAS has no choice but to discontinue this fide-rated classical time control event because the participants are dwindling in the last few years.

A possible feasible option for next year onwards is to put an end to the Classical time and change it to Rapid time control. Nevertheless, CAS has to make a big decision pending the turn-out in this edition.

There are 35 individual prizes up for grab totalling RM10,000/= cash and 3 prizes for Best Schools/Institution of Higher Learning. Once again, we yet to have a sponsor for this event. For those who are interested to join, Click here for more details.

As at 15/4, the players who have registered with payment / pre-register are listed as follows:-

1.  Sotimin Muhalip (Paid)
2.  Jax Tham Tick Hong (Paid)
3.  Haslindah Ruslan (Paid)
4.  Villanueva, Nelson
5.  FM Nouri, Hamed
6.  Ismail Ahmad (Paid)
7.  Muhd Faqih Aminuddin (Paid)
8.  Mahmood Shah Hussin Shah (Paid)
9.  Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah (Paid)
10. Nur Faiqah Aminuddin  (Paid)
11. Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari (Paid)
12. Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad Nazari (Paid)
13. Wong Zi Yue (Paid)
14. Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood (Paid)
15. Jamaluddin Mohd Yatim (Pending)
16. Hasidin Abdul Rashid (Pending)
17. Dilwen Ding Tze How (Pending)
18. Muhd Zullghafari Saparmin (Pending)
19. Wong Kiiuk Lik (Paid)
20. Mat Zaki Yeop (Paid)
21. Mohamed Ismail
22. Mahammad Hasan
23. Mohd Ezmi Mahmood
24. Amir Faiz Amirul

25. Amira Farhana Amirul
26. Subamanian Sivanesan (Paid)
27. Jonathan Chan

Monday, April 14, 2014

NAG 2014: Selangor Players Registration

As at 15th April, CAS has received 128 names asking to represent Selangor in the upcoming NAG 2014 from 25th to 27th April at UNITEN, Bangi, Selangor. For those of you who have bank-in the payment but yet to send the Entry form to, please do so by 15th April 2014.

The NAG 2014 Selangor Players Registration name list via CAS as listed below:-

1 Adam Nazri U10 M
2 Adi Alfie Najat Mohd Fazli MCR002856 U06 M
3 Ahmad Hadif Mohd Ikhranizam  MCR015337 U08 M
4 Aidan Wong Weng Seng MCR001878 U12 M
5 Al-Amin Mohd Subri U12 M
6 Amier Arief Mohd Jalani U10 M
7 Beenasri Mathalagan U06 F
8 Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong MCR000956 U14 M
9 Chan Kim Yew  MCR002545 U12 M
10 Cheah Kah Hoe MCR001311 U10 M
11 Cheong Keat Zhen-G  MCR000694 U14 F
12 Chin Shun Yi-G  MCR002511 U16 F
13 Chin Yi Hao  MCR001513 U12 M
14 Christine Lee Mei Yen-G MCR000898 U14 F
15 Daneshwaran Ragupathy  MCR003550 U12 M
16 Daryl Wong Cheng Lim MCR000488 U16 M
17 Dhanuissh Suryarow MCR015370 U10 M
18 Divyashermilah Saravanan Kumar U10 F
19 Divyasree Jayakumar-G MCR003408 U10 F
20 Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad Nazari-G MCR000916 U14 F
21 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari  MCR000199 U14 M
22 Fahim Al-Faqeh Saleh MCR000386 U12 M
23 Farah Iryna Muhd Khairy Ang-G MCR002974 U12 F
24 Fatin Nabila Husna U12 F
25 Fatma Az-Zahra Mohd Bakhtiar U12 F
26 Fikri Saleh  MCR000212 U18 M
27 Gautham Balasubramaniam MCR002406 U14 M
28 Hafiz Borhanudin MCR001378 U10 M
29 Iffah Fhaisol MCR003749 U10 F
30 Intan Nuralya Batrishia U06 F
31 Irbah Fhaisol MCR003761 U08 F
32 Irfan Hakimi Mohd Irman MCR009056 U10 M
33 Irsyad Hakimi Mohd Irman U06 M
34 Ivan Sean Yap Sheuan MCR000721 U10 M
35 Izzudin Irsyad Aminuddin MCR015389 U10 M
36 Kabilan Thanabalan MCR000824 U12 M
37 Kabir Singh Ajeet Singh MCR000416 U14 M
38 Kheeshyen Raaj Murugan MCR003132 U14 M
39 Kushaadevige Saravanan Kumar U14 F
40 Lavanyaa Suppiah-G MCR015400 U10 F
41 Lim Juan Teng MCR001282 U14 M
42 Loganetraa Kulothunkan MCR001798 U10 M
43 Loh Zu Hao MCR000675 U14 M
44 Loshaputraa Kulothunkhan MCR015744 U08 M
45 Maahendar Sivapragash MCR001018 U12 M
46 Megat Imran Megat Mohd Khushairi MCR003604 U08 M
47 Megat Zaid Megat Mohd Khushairi MCR003242 U06 M
48 Mira Kaur-G MCR001868 U10 F
49 Mirnash Chandran MCR000264 U18 M
50 Muhd Aisy Hakimi Md Sofi MCR015799 U08 M
51 Muhd Al-Waqeef Mohd Ikhranizam  MCR002446 U10 M
52 Muhd Arif Mirza Muhd Ruwaidi U10 M
53 Muhd Faiz Mohd Zulhairi U06 M
54 Muhd Faqih Aminuddin  MCR000280 U12 M
55 Muhd Hazim Irfan Mohd Zakiyuddin U08 M
56 Muhd Haziman Aiman Halim Shuhaimi MCR001047 U10 M
57 Muhd Haziq Izzuddin U10 M
58 Muhd Ikhwan Zainol Ariffin MCR003931 U14 M
59 Muhd Ilham Qayyum Muhd Najib MCR001839 U12 M
60 Muhd Imtiyaz Azmi  MCR001840 U12 M
61 Muhd Luqman Alif Zairudin MCR001820 U10 M
62 Muhd Luqman Iskandar Zairudin MCR000355 U12 M
63 Muhd Nafiz Nuqman Mohd Ikhranizam MCR002411 U12 M
64 Muhd Nazif Imran Mohd Ikhranizam MCR003924 U12 M
65 Muhd Nazrul Haikal U12 M
66 Muhd Noor Azam Mohd Noor MCR000193 U16 M
67 Muhd Qusyairi Zainol Ariffin MCR003590 U16 M
68 Muhd Shamsuddin MCR003972 U12 M
69 Muhd Syahmie Yakub U10 M
70 Muhd Syukur Razali MCR015188 U12 M
71 Muhd Thaqif Syahiran U10 M
72 Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah MCR001145 U10 M
73 Nava Sri Ganesh Kathaperumal   MCR004058 U12 M
74 Nicholas Khow Jin Kai MCR001960 U08 M
75 Nur Afrin Najat Mohd Fazli-G MCR003598 U10 F
76 Nur Elisa Mohd Mirza U10 F
77 Nur Faiqah Aminuddin-G MCR000672 U10 F
78 Nur Irdina Humaira Mohd Irman-G MCR013223 U12 F
79 Nur Khadijah Mohd Dan U10 F
80 Nurdayana Karmila Rohimi U12 F
81 Nurfadhlin Haziqah U12 F
82 Nurul Farhana Halim Shuhaimi-G MCR001032 U12 F
83 Nurul Farzana Halim Shuhaimi-G MCR015938 U08 F
84 Nurul Izzah Halim Shuhaimi-G MCR000805 U14 F
85 Octavius Ete Tan Zhy Lam MCR002936 U10 M
86 Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley MCR001823 U08 M
87 Ooi Zi Jing U18 F
88 Pavita Shanmugam-G  MCR003899 U10 F
89 Pavithra Thanabalan-G MCR000684 U14 F
90 Pavitra Keerthi-G MCR003920 U12 F
91 Prashanth Ramasamy MCR002001 U12 M
92 Pugalenthi Ravichandran-G  MCR002937 U08 M
93 Puteri Ain Qistina  U10 F
94 Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah Mat Zaki-G MCR004047 U08 F
95 Raihan Muhadzir-G MCR002265 U10 F
96 Raja Bazil Bot Raja Badli MCR000478 U12 M
97 Raja Bazilah Bot Raja Badli-G MCR001908 U10 F
98 Risshe Gehshan MCR015478 U08 M
99 Roshan Singh Ajeet Singh MCR000048 U18 M
100 Ryan Tey He Yang MCR001342 U14 M
101 Saad Shamsuddin MCR015967 U08 M
102 Saaktii Vel Selvam   MCR004007 U10 M
103 Salikin Ahmad Shukri MCR015969 U10 M
104 Sivapriya Muniandy U12 F
105 Subadhran Darma MCR003743 U10 M
106 Subramaniya Jothi Ilangovan MCR003987 U08 M
107 Suriyaah Vel Selvam  MCR004011 U08 M
108 Thirisha R. Ashockumar-G MCR003634 U08 F
109 Thivieya Ilangovan-G MCR003988 U10 F
110 Thrishkanth Sivarajah U12 M
111 Umar Danish Mohd Yazri  MCR003689 U08 M
112 Umar Shamsuddin MCR001668 U10 M
113 Vaisshali Keerthi-G MCR003801 U10 F
114 Vengadanathan Manogaran MCR001551 U16 M
115 Vetrichelvan Manivannan MCR016007 U12 M
116 Viswaa R. Ashockumar MCR002593 U10 M
117 Wong Zi Yue MCR000496 U10 M
118 Yap Heng Yi MCR015510 U06 M
119 Yaush Paul Nambiar MCR016020 U06 M
120 Yusratul Umairah Yusfarizal-G MCR002113 U10 F
121 Zainoor Ikmal Maisarah Mohd Noor-G  MCR000910 U12 F
122 Zainoor Ikmal Munirah Mohd Noor-G MCR000882 U10 F
123 Iskandar Farhat Zulkippli MCR002851 U14 M
124 Iskandar Hakimi Zulkippli MCR001343 U12 M
125 Yasmin Irdina Zulkippli-G MCR001459 U12 F
126 Iskandar Haikal Zulkippli MCR001419 U08 M
127 Jason Tan Wye-Ki MCR001972 U14 M
128 Muhd Ihsan Syahiran Muhd Najib MCR000659 U16 M

If you have made payment and submitted the Entry form but your name is not listed above, please email to or call Mr. Lim @ 012-2984922 immediately.