Monday, May 2, 2011

38th Selangor Open 2011 - Prize winners in Pictures

A group photo of the 38th Selangor Open winners with officials of the Chess Association of Selangor

Pictured below are the winners of the various categories receiving their respective prizes from CAS officials:

Champion - FM Nicholas Chan, receiving his trophy for the third consecutive year  from CAS President En Shafruddin

2nd Place - Ian Udani

3rd Place - IM Jimmy Liew Chee-Meng

 4th Place - NM Lim Zhuo Ren

5th Place - IM Srinath Narayanan

6th Place - Mohd Irman Ibrahim

7th Place - Sumant Subramaniam

8th Place - Fong Yit Ho

9th Place - NM Kamalarifin Wahiduddin

and the 10th Place - Fairul Yusoff

CAS also allocated  special prizes in the various categories as follows:

Adult(1st Prize) - Ismail Ahmad

Adult (2nd Prize) - Mat Zaki Yeop

Veteran - Jax Tham

Ladies - WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hashim

Under 18 (2nd prize) - WNM Tan Li Ting

Under 12 (1st Prize) - Wong Yinn Long

Under 12 (2nd Prize) - Puteri Munnajjah Az-Zaharaa Azhar

Under 1600 - CM Amier Hamzah bin Mohd Zuhri

Under 1400 - Cyrus Low Zhen Yu

Congratulations again to all the Winners and a big thank you to the organisers, officials, sponsors, friends and spectators who helped make this Tournament a success.

38th Selangor Open 2011 - Final Results

FM Nicholas Chan won the event to achieve his third consecutive win in this Tournament. It was a hard fought competition where the winners  could only be determined  until the last Round. Nicholas too pipped Ian Udani who shared the same score of 7 1/2 points through a tie-break.

Congratulations to FM Nicholas and the rest of the Winners!

38th Selangor Open: Round 8 Result and Pairing of Round 9

Round 8 Result:

Round 9 Result:

38th Selangor Open: Results for Round 6 & 7

Click on the image to enlarge.

Round 6 Result:

Round 7 Result:


Sunday, May 1, 2011

38th Selangor Open: Updates

For latest result, please visit here.

38th Selangor Open: Round 5 Result and Round 6 Pairing

The result for Round 5:

The pairing for Round 6:

38th Selangor Open 2011 - In Pictures

The Tournament continued into Round 5 with two of Malaysia's leading players FM Nicholas Chan and IM Jimmy Liew competing for the top spot. The latter emerged the winner of this Round to earn the full 5 points.

With four more rounds to go these players are ready to also claim the top spots.

These are the seasoned campaigners as well as budding youngsters all ready to claim top honours in the Malaysian chess scene

The women too were no pushover creating several upsets.

It is great to see many youngsters participating in this longest running chess event in the country alongside their senior counterparts

In the picture below (top right) is the Tournament Arbiter En Najib Wahab assisting Chief Arbiter IA Lim Tse Pin and IA Hamid Majid, to ensure the smooth running of this event