Monday, March 24, 2008

10th CAS Second Quarter Chess Allegro 2008 - 6th April 2008

The Chess Association of Selangor ('CAS') will be organising the above event at The Chess Network, Wilayah Complex Kuala Lumpur. For preregistration email us your name and category by 4th April 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Royal Selangor International Open Chess Tournament 2008 - Early chess pieces in Selangor

Scouring through an archive were pictures of these chess pieces believed to be the oldest archeological finding of its kind in Malaysia. Found somewhere in the state of Selangor the complete chess pieces or chator is called the Selangor set by a writer HJR Murray at the turn of the last century.

Chator was probably introduced by the Indians. Almost similar pieces and layout style could be found at archeological sites in Java, Sumatera, Borneo and Champa (Kampuchea) with subsequent refinements by the Arabs, long before the arrival of the Europeans in this part of the world.

Chess in Selangor or Malaysia for that matter has indeed a long history and contributes to the study of chess evolution and human civilization.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CAS Juniors topped NAG2008

The recently concluded National Age-Group Chess Championship 2008 saw CAS Junior Nur Nabila scoring a perfect 8 points in the Under12 (Girl) category. She was already unstoppable after the sixth round and maintained her fine form throughout the tournament. Another highlight was CAS Junior Muhd Shakir securing the Under14 (Boy) title on tie-break when the Penang duo on the top board finished with a draw. 6 other CAS juniors Puteri Rifqah - U8 (G), Nur Najiha - U10(G), Tan Yong Zhao - U8(B), Yeoh Li Tian - U10(B), Tan Wei Hao - U12 (B) and Edward Lee - U16(B) completed the CAS Juniors dominance with 8 gold medals out of the 10 on offer. The Chess Association of Selangor or CAS will continue to provide the platform for the betterment of chess in the Klang Valley and Malaysia in general.

For more news on this event, check it out in Malaysian Chess and The Academy. Results


Sunday, March 2, 2008

22nd Royal Selangor Juniors Open Chess Tournament 2008 - U 12 and U 16

Low Jun Jian took the Under-16 title with 6 points while Yeoh Li Tian wrested the Under-12 title with 6 1/2 points at the Sunway Univerity College premises earlier today. 101 players participated in this weekend tournament under two separate cartegories. MCF Deputy President Hj Ibrahim Bakar and MCF Council Member Mr Gregory Lau were also present in the closing ceremony to give away the prizes.

The CAS President En Shafruddin in his closing speech commented that the championships this year were based on shorter time-control of 25 minutes which would not be sufficient to test the strength of the players. This was due to the dwindling turnout of participants in the past years when each of the tournaments was held over 2 days. But our young players would definitely not be able to compete on a level playing field in international tournaments or in most other standard tournaments. Thus The Chess Association of Selangor ('CAS') with the support of Royal Selangor, felt it would be timely to introduce the standard time-control tournament for the juniors not only to those aspiring to compete internationally but to those wanting to apply their skills and knowledge to the full. The parents and players were urged to support this endeavour scheduled this coming June.

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