Tuesday, April 30, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Round 8 Pairing (1/5, 9AM)

Wong Jianwen continues to lead the field with 6.5 points, half point ahead of GM Fominyh.

The pairing for Round 8 as follows:

Click here for Round 7 results.

40th Selangor Open: Live Game Round 7 Board 1 (Wong Jianwen vs Mark Siew)

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Monday, April 29, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Round 7 Pairing (30/4, 7pm)

After 6 rounds of tournament, Wong Jianwen is the sole leader after playing 4 hours against Fong Yit San. In this round, 8 tables ended with a draw result.

Meanwhile, GM Fominyh has consolidated his position back to joint 2nd - 3rd with his win against NJM Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham. Younster Mark Siew is the other candidate who is half point behind leader after his win over Fariz Shafruddin, CAS Hon. Treasurer. 

The pairing for Round 7 as listed below:-

To view Round 6 result, please click here.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

40th Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2013 - in pictures

Promising youngster Wong Jianwen stopped GM Alexander Fominyh in Round 4 but had to subsequently settle with a draw in the following Round 5 against IM Jimmy Liew.
Lurking alongside these players include Fong Yit San and Mohd Nabil Azman Hisham

40th Selangor Open: Round 6 Pairing (29/4, 7PM)

In this round, we had 10 draws from 36 games including the two joint leaders. A record of draws so far in this edition. With the results, the joint leaders still lead the field by half points and we meet each other tomorrow.

Will there be a sole leader after Round 6 or a possible 6-way tie into Round 7 !?

To view Round 5 result, please click here.

40th Selangor Open: Round 5 Pairing

Round 4 saw the biggest upset in the tournament so far. Wong Jian Wen (elo 2076) had defeated GM Fominyh (elo 2454), while Fong Yit San (elo 2024) trumped over Alberto (elo 2132) to leave both of them with full four points.

In Round 5, they should meet each other, right? So logical yet the answer is NO! Why? Pairing program error? Human error aka Match Fixing? Hmmm.......

The Actual Reason: Both players had taken White for 2 consecutive rounds, they can't have the same colour again for 3 times in-a-row (A FIDE regulation!) unless it is the pairing for final round. Hence, both players were forced to float-down.

Next Question: Why Ian did not float up? If you know the correct answer, please share with friends. If you didn't know and want to know, join the next MCF Arbiter Course  and Pairing Program Course. Just wait for MCF announcement on these courses.

To view Round 4 result, please click here.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Round 4 Pairing

To view Round 3 result, please click here.

40th Selangor Open: Round 3 Pairing

For more information on Round 2 results, click here.

Riveting Rivalry In Selangor Open 1983

Riveting Rivalry

by Lim Chong

Games between Jimmy Liew and Christi Hon have always been fascinating due to their long-standing rivalry. Both made their way up the chess ranks around the same time and for many years were the country’s top two players. This encounter took place at the Selangor Open 1983 and the score then was 6-2 in Liew’s favour.

Bogo-Indian Defence

(White: Jimmy Liew Black: Christi Hon)

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4+ 4. Bd2 Qe7 5. g3 b6

Black commits a subtle opening error. The idea behind 3…Bb4+ is to exchange the black-square bishops as a prelude to staking a claim in the centre. Black’s white-square bishop is better off on c8 where it can support his counterplay, starting with the move f5 after White has played d5.

6. Bg2 Bb7 7. 0-0 Bd2 8. Nbd2 0-0 9. Qc2 d6 10. Rad1 Nbd7 11. e4 e5 12. Rfe1 Rfe8?!

This makes it hard for Black to play f5. A better plan is 12…Ne8 with the idea of g6, Ng7 and Ne6, but White could counter this by moving his knight to d5 via b1 and c3.

13. b3 a5 14. d5 Nf8 15. Bh3! Bc8 16. Bxc8 Raxc8

In this type of position, Black tries to mount a kingside attack while White opens up the queenside with a3, b4 and c5. In the next few moves, both try to hinder each other’s plans while promoting their own.

17. Nf1 N6d7 18. Ne3 g6 19. Kg2 Nc5 20. Nd2 Nfd7 21. a3 Nf6 22. b4 Nb7 23. Nb3?

The knight is better placed on c3 where it defends e4 and can be moved to b5 where it can attack Black’s c-pawn if necessary.


Intending 24…axb4 25. axb4 Ra4 26. Ra1 Rb4! 27. Qc3 Rb3 28. Qxb3 Ne4 and Black has more than adequate compensation for the exchange.

24. Ra1 Rf8 25. f3 Nh5

With the idea 26…Qd7, followed by either 27…Qa4 or 27…f5.

26. Nd1 f5 27. Nc3 Rf7 28. Qd2 Qf6? 29. Rf1 Kh8 30. Kh1! Qe7 31. Qh6

Threatening to win a piece by 32. exf5 Rxf5 33. g4. This would not be possible if White’s king is on g2 because Black would then play 33…Nf4+.

31… Nf6 32. Nd2 Raf8 33. Qh3 f4?

A bad move which closes the kingside while allowing White a free hand on the queenside. Black probably underestimates the strength of White’s next few moves.

34. g4 h5 35. Rg1! Rh7 36. g5 Nd7 37. Qe6

White forces the exchange of queens to eliminate Black’s possibility of counterplay on the kingside.

37… Qe8 38. Qxe8 Rxe8 39. Nb5 Nf8?

After this, Black finds it hard to stop White’s break on c5. Better is 39…Nb8 40. Nb3 Na6 41. bxa5 bxa5! and Black has some chances of holding on.

40. h4 Ra8 41. Nb3 Kg8 42. Rgb1 Re7 43. Nc1 Kf7 44. Nd3 Ke8 45. c5 dxc5 46. bxc5 Nxc5 47. Nxc5 bxc5 48. Rc1 Kd8 49. Rc5 Nd7 50. Rc6 Nf8 51. Rac1 Rb8 52. Nc7 Rb3 53. d6 Rf7 54. Nd5 Ne6 55. Nb6 Rxb6 56. Rxb6 Ra7 57. Kg2 Kd7 58. Rb5 Kd6 59. Rd5+ Ke7 60. Re5 Kf7 61. Rc6 Nd4 62. Rd6 Ne2 63. Kf2 Nc3 64. Rf6+ Kg7 65. Rf4 Rd7 66. Rf6 Black resigns. 1:0.

40th Selangor Open: Rd 2 Pairing

Click here for latest result.

Friday, April 26, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Rd 1 Pairing

For latest result, click here.

40th Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2013

The 40th Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2013 kicks off at 19:00 hrs today. Leading the charge is GM Alexander Fominyh while the local challenge is our IM Jimmy Liew.
In the Opening Speech, the CAS President welcomed both the local and foreign participations. This would be a great opportunity for local players to test their skills on standard time control. The President further pointed out that younger players planning to play in overseas tournaments would be able to better prepare their game which allow for longer thinking time.

40th Selangor Open: Update#6 (2.30pm)

Participants who have registered WITH PAYMENT MADE can arrive at the tournament venue @ 6.30PM today. Round 1 starts @ 7PM. Walk-over time is 1hr from start time of Round 1.

For those who have pre-registered but NOT YET MAKE PAYMENT, please arrive at tournament venue BY 6PM, failing which you will not be able to take part in this event.

Pairing for Round 1 (Only participants with payment received) will be published @ 6.30PM today.

The complete list of pre-registered participants (with and without payment made) is listed as follows:-

1Ahmad Fadzil NayanMASPaid
2Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri MASPaid
3Amir Ghaazi Mohd SaprinMASPaid
4Amir Muqqri Mohd SaprinMASPaid
5Amir Qayyim Mohd SaprinMASPaid
6Azizul Azlan ZainuddinMASPaid
7Bausch Koh Sian KuanMASPaid
8Benjamin Koo Wei JieMASPaid
9Bick, Gabriel JUSAPaid
10Bustaman HarunMASPaid
11Camilia JohariMASPaid
12Dawson Tan Soon Wei MASPaid
13Dilwen Ding Tze HowMASPaid
14Evan Loo Hsien RongMASPaid
15Fairul YusoffMASPaid
16Fariz ShafruddinMASPaid
17Fong Yit HoMASPaid
18Fong Yit SanMASPaid
19GM Fominyh, AlexanderRUSPaid
20Haslindah Ruslan MASPaid
21Haziq Aiman NizamMASPaid
22Hermanu Latif DarinowijonoMASPaid
23Ho Chen EeMASPaid
24IM Jimmy Liew Chee MengMASPaid
25Joel Su Weng YangMASPaid
26Joshua Panir SelvamMASPaid
27Kabir Singh Ajeet SinghMASPaid
28Kaushik Panamparampil INDPaid
29Liew Ken YewMASPaid
30Looi Ka LocMASPaid
31Low Chee PangMASPaid
32Lye Lik ZangMASPaid
33Mark Siew Kit-Tze MASPaid
34Martha Victor PlaintiramMASPaid
35Mat Zaki YeopMASPaid
36Maushmi Panamparampil MahesanINDPaid
37Melanie Koo Wei WeiMASPaid
38Mohd Amin Mohd Noor MASPaid
39Muhd Amirul Mohd RosliMASPaid
40Muhd Nabil Azman HishamMASPaid
41Muhd Nurhaffiz ZakariaMASPaid
42Muhd Syazwan ZulkifliMASPaid
43Muniz Pardino, AlbertoHKGPaid
44Ng Jen ShengMASPaid
45Ng Wei KiangMASPaid
46Nor Atiqah Mohd NizaMASPaid
47Nur Nabila Azman HishamMASPaid
48Nur Najiha Azman Hisham MASPaid
49Nur Sabrina Aliya AsmanMASPaid
50Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar MASPaid
51Renitha NarayananMASPaid
52Rosamund Koo Wei XinMASPaid
53Roshan Singh Ajeet SinghMASPaid
54Shreyes SubramaniamMASPaid
55Sikivou, Taione Senikuta VuinakasaFIJPaid
56Sri Kabelen SrimuralitharanMASPaid
57Sri Shiva Kumar Narayanan MASPaid
58Sumant SubramaniamMASPaid
59Surindren Radha KrishnanMASPaid
60Wong JianwenMASPaid
61Zulfikar ZulkifliMASPaid
62Che Muhd Hafiz Che IsmailMASVenue
63Iskandar Danial Adam AdonisMASVenue
64Mahadevan, AravindHKGVenue
65Mohammad, Monir HossainBANVenue
66Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh AliMASVenue
67Sofea Aliya SyahrilMASVenue
68Villanueva, NelsonPHIVenue
69Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Abdul Rahman MASVenue
70Wong Kiiug LikMASVenue
71Ian UdaniPHI
72Jeeten Narshi
73Shahrizal ShamsuddinMAS
74Arif Alauddin Wafi Akhramsyah MASPaid
75Aqil Ainuddin Naufal AkhramsyahMASPaid

Thursday, April 25, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Latest Participant, GM from Russia

The pre-registration for tomorrow event will be closed in 4 hours. There shall be no more registration of names once it passes midnight. Just a moment ago, we have received news that GM Alexander Fominyh will be joining our event.

GM Alexander, we welcome your participation in the oldest Chess Event in Malaysia!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Update#5 (24/4)

Last call !!!

For chess players who yet to register but would like to be part of this historical event (40 consecutive years), please send an email with your name, HpNo and ICNo to selangorchess@gmail.com by 25th April 2013, 23:59 (Final Deadline). No more pre-registration thereafter. 

Walk-in without pre-registration will NOT be entertained on tournament day (26/4) !!!

For tournament details, please click here.

For accommodation details, please click here.

Also, chess players who have pre-registered their names but yet to make payment into CAS Bank Account:
Please don't make anymore payment into CAS Bank Account instead walk-in on tournament day (26/4) between 5 PM and 6 PM for payment in cash term

Strictly, no payment shall be accepted after 6 PM on 26/4.
(If you think that you are not able to make it in time for payment by 6 PM on 26/4, please call Mr. Lim NOW @ 012 - 298 4922 for alternative mode of payment.) 

The name list for the event as at 24th April (11.59pm) is listed as below:-

No. Names FED Status
1 Ahmad Fadzil Nayan MAS Paid
2 Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri  MAS Paid
3 Amir Ghaazi Mohd Saprin MAS Paid
4 Amir Muqqri Mohd Saprin MAS Paid
5 Amir Qayyim Mohd Saprin MAS Paid
6 Azizul Azlan Zainuddin MAS Paid
7 Bausch Koh Sian Kuan MAS Paid
8 Benjamin Koo Wei Jie MAS Paid
9 Bick, Gabriel J USA Paid
10 Bustaman Harun MAS Paid
11 Camilia Johari MAS Paid
12 Dawson Tan Soon Wei  MAS Paid
13 Dilwen Ding Tze How MAS Paid
14 Evan Loo Hsien Rong MAS Paid
15 Fairul Yusoff MAS Paid
16 Fariz Shafruddin MAS Paid
17 Fong Yit Ho MAS Paid
18 Fong Yit San MAS Paid
19 Haslindah Ruslan  MAS Paid
20 Ho Chen Ee MAS Paid
21 IM Jimmy Liew Chee Meng MAS Paid
22 Joel Su Weng Yang MAS Paid
23 Joshua Panir Selvam MAS Paid
24 Kabir Singh Ajeet Singh MAS Paid
25 Kaushik Panamparampil  IND Paid
26 Liew Ken Yew MAS Paid
27 Looi Ka Loc MAS Paid
28 Low Chee Pang MAS Paid
29 Lye Lik Zang MAS Paid
30 Mark Siew Kit-Tze  MAS Paid
31 Martha Victor Plaintiram MAS Paid
32 Mat Zaki Yeop MAS Paid
33 Maushmi Panamparampil Mahesan IND Paid
34 Melanie Koo Wei Wei MAS Paid
35 Mohd Amin Mohd Noor  MAS Paid
36 Muhd Amirul Mohd Rosli MAS Paid
37 Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham MAS Paid
38 Muhd Nurhaffiz Zakaria MAS Paid
39 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli MAS Paid
40 Muniz Pardino, Alberto HKG Paid
41 Ng Jen Sheng MAS Paid
42 Ng Wei Kiang MAS Paid
43 Nor Atiqah Mohd Niza MAS Paid
44 Nur Nabila Azman Hisham MAS Paid
45 Nur Najiha Azman Hisham  MAS Paid
46 Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman MAS Paid
47 Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar  MAS Paid
48 Renitha Narayanan MAS Paid
49 Rosamund Koo Wei Xin MAS Paid
50 Roshan Singh Ajeet Singh MAS Paid
51 Shreyes Subramaniam MAS Paid
52 Sikivou, Taione Senikuta Vuinakasa FIJ Paid
53 Sri Kabelen Srimuralitharan MAS Paid
54 Sri Shiva Kumar Narayanan  MAS Paid
55 Sumant Subramaniam MAS Paid
56 Surindren Radha Krishnan MAS Paid
57 Wong Jianwen MAS Paid
58 Zulfikar Zulkifli MAS Paid
59 Che Muhd Hafiz Che Ismail MAS
60 Ian Udani PHI
61 Iskandar Danial Adam Adonis MAS
62 Lee Zhi Wei MAS
63 Mahadevan, Aravind HKG
64 Mohammad, Monir Hossain BAN
65 Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali MAS
66 Shahrizal Shamsuddin MAS
67 Sofea Aliya Syahril MAS
68 Villanueva, Nelson PHI
69 Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Abdul Rahman  MAS
70 Wong Kiiug Lik MAS
71 Zaidan Zulkipli MAS