Sunday, April 28, 2013

40th Selangor Open: Round 5 Pairing

Round 4 saw the biggest upset in the tournament so far. Wong Jian Wen (elo 2076) had defeated GM Fominyh (elo 2454), while Fong Yit San (elo 2024) trumped over Alberto (elo 2132) to leave both of them with full four points.

In Round 5, they should meet each other, right? So logical yet the answer is NO! Why? Pairing program error? Human error aka Match Fixing? Hmmm.......

The Actual Reason: Both players had taken White for 2 consecutive rounds, they can't have the same colour again for 3 times in-a-row (A FIDE regulation!) unless it is the pairing for final round. Hence, both players were forced to float-down.

Next Question: Why Ian did not float up? If you know the correct answer, please share with friends. If you didn't know and want to know, join the next MCF Arbiter Course  and Pairing Program Course. Just wait for MCF announcement on these courses.

To view Round 4 result, please click here.