Saturday, May 30, 2009

Malaysian Chess Championship 2009 - 30th May to 3rd June 2009

National Championship

Malaysia's prolific chess player Kamaluddin Yusof had a good warm-up in Day 1 with full 2 points against Wan Aizuddin (Trengganu) and Salman Mistam (Johore). Another player cum coach/organiser Mohd Fadli also had a good start with full points

Results after Round 2 today
  • Kamaluddin Yusof (2 points)
  • Mohd Fadli Zakaria (2 points)
  • Ismail Ahmad (1 point)
  • Yeoh Li Tian (1 point)

National Women Championship

22 players are taking part in the Women section this year. Amira, leading the Selangor entry this year conceded 1/2 point in Round 2 but should be able to rebound in the subsequent rounds. Nur Nabila with 2 points is set to challenge current title holder NWM Alia Anin Azwa

Results up to Round 2
  • Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (2 points)
  • Amira Shahmina Zullkafli (1 1/2 points)
  • Haslindah Ruslan ( 1 point)
  • Nur Najihah Azman Hisham

Full results and subsequent reports can be viewed at  http://

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malaysian Chess Championship 2009 - 30th May to 3rd June 2009

The following players are selected to represent the State in the above Championship:

  1. Kamaluddin Yusof
  2. Ismail Ahmad
  3. Mohd Fadli Zakaria
  4. Yeoh Li Tian

  1. Amira Shahmina Zullkafli
  2. Haslindah Ruslan
  3. Nur Nabila Azman Hisham
  4. Nur Najihah Azman Hisham

CAS wishes you success in your endeavour 

Monday, May 25, 2009

CAS Closed 2009 - Results

An engimeering student from a local university NM Zarul Shazwan emerged victorious in yesterday's CAS Closed. His family members (below) too followed suit and were among the prize winners

Catching up on the latest coaching techniques or some gossips in the far corner of the playing hall

The policeman looked like taking a short nap, while the regular chessmen soldiered on some last minute strategies and maneuvers

Results of the winners in the recent CAS Closed Chess Tournament 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

35 Years of Achievements - CAS Closed 2009

35 years on and CAS has deservedly emerge as one of the more successful chess associations in the country today producing both top ranked players as well as keeping chess alive and well in the Klang Valley. This is especially so when in the late 1990's the currency crisis and ensuing recession took its toll and chess was taken out of the MSSM calendar. CAS lingered on, in fact hastened the pace with even more competitions during the dark hours thus providing continuity and avenue for chess players in the country for a place to continue to sharpen their skill. When chess was reinstated in 2004 both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, with a sprinkling of players from other states such as Malacca and Pahang took centre-stage in MSSM. Virtually all these players were graduates of CAS
It was thus timely for CAS to celebrate her fine achievements over these 35 years today. It was befitting when the cake-cutting ceremony was also attended by past-President and one of the pioneers of CAS Dato' Tan Chin Nam. 
The CAS AGM was also held in conjunction with the celebration. With the formality done the meeting had a lively dicussion on the structure for succession to bring CAS to the next higher level. CAS started slowly in the formative years and by late 1990's, with the injection of new blood doubled up on her chess activities. In addition CAS financials strenghtened, trippling its war-chest and resilient enough to face the current uncertainties, attributed mainly to astute adherence to good fund management practices. More importantly however is the tradition of integrity well ingrained amongst its Committee Members. Going forward the Committee appealed for a smooth handing over of the management of CAS. 

In the meantime Puan Suffiah was co-opted into the Committee to provide better coverage into the Selangor schools.

The Tournament which started at about 09:30hr took a break for lunch  and AGM, and resumed 4 more rounds in the afternoon. The eventual winner was NM Zarul Shazwan (above, seated second from the right), followed by Runner-up Kamaluddin Yusof ( seated fourth from the right) and third Fariz Shafruddin (seated in the far right). 

In the left picture are the Under-12 winners led by Yeoh Li Tian (right). He was overall 7th in the Tournament.

 Arbiters are not normally in the spotlight in chess tournaments unless when there are hard decisions to be made such as issues of ringing phone or claims of a win or draw in time-trouble scramble but CAS Committee Member and Tournament Arbiter En Kamaruzaman was ushered as prize winner too - bringing home a lucky draw hamper.

Even Malaysia's veteran chess blogger Andrew Ooi, disappointed with his 3 points performance was in the winner's list, albeit as one of the 5 lucky draw winners, seen here taking his haul from CAS Committee Member Puan Norhana Othman 

The full Results

Friday, May 22, 2009

35 Years of Achievement - CAS Closed Chess Tournament 2009

Members are invited to celebrate the CAS 35th year or CAS Closed 2009, this Sunday 24th May 2009. Kindly register by email to today or call IA Lim Tse Pin at h/p 012-2984922.

CAS has been one of the leading chess organisations ( if not the top) in the country since her inception 35 years ago and intends to take the lead in promoting chess into the next stage of excellence in the country.  This can only be achieved through the continued support and contributions from members. So register your interest and come out in full force this Sunday  

(The above picture shows an old European chess set moulded in clasical royal figurines - British Museum) 

Monday, May 18, 2009

35 Years of Achievement - Paid and Pre-registration namelist

As of 17th May, 4 people have made payment and another 30 people have pre-registered for this event. The list as follow:-
35 yrs of achievement (Paid)
1. Shamsuddin Sabri
2. Dr. Paul Sega
3. N. Annadurai Narayanasamy
4. Sri Shiva Kumar Narayanan

35 yrs of achievement (Pre-Registration)
1. Mark Siew Kit-Tze (U18)
2. Fariz Shafruddin
3. Chew EeWen (U12G)
4. Chew ESheng (U12)
5. Abdullah Che Hassan
6. Muhd Aidil Idrus Yusuf Piman
7. Sim Chung Seng
8. Yeoh Chin Seng
9. Yeoh Li Tian (U12)
10. Haslindah Ruslan (G)
11. Low Jun Jian (U18)
12. Low Jun Keat (U18)
13. Vinton Wong Hsien Loong (U18)
14. Ethan Wong Hsien Aun (U12)
15. Kamaluddin Yusof
16. Tan Kah Chun (U18)
17. Colin Chan Guo Gin (U18)
19. Goh Xin Yen (U18G)
20. Kamalarifin Wahiduddin
21. Mohd Faizal Roslan (U12)
22. Chin Shun Yi (U12G)
23. Chin Yi Hao (U12)
24. Tan Yi Yao (U12)
25. Tan Yi Huang (U12)
26. Cheong Jie Yao (U12)
27. Cheong Keat Zhen (U12)
28. Mohd Fadli Zakaria
29. Ismail Ahmad
30. Mat Zaki Yeop

For those CAS members who have yet to register for the event, we have extended the DEADLINE to 22nd May (FRIDAY) by sending an email to or sms your name to +6012-298 4922 (Lim Tse Pin). Also, there is a very high possibility we will add 5 more additional prizes to the Open Category. This means up to 22 people will be receiving prizes!!!

Lunch, drinks, snacks will be provided for all participants. Also, RM 1,300 cash prize fund is allocated specially for this special celebration. Hope you guys can come out in force to support the 35 Years of Achievement.

Friday, May 8, 2009

36th Selangor Open 2009 - Results

CAS successfully concluded her main event of the year the 36th Selangor Open, with FM Nicholas Chan taking over the title from last year's Champion FM Lim Yee Weng. He only conceded two draws with Second-placed Ian Udani and Third-placed FM Lim Yee Weng on his way to earn a convincing 8 out of the maximum 9 points  

The final standing - cross table

Thursday, May 7, 2009

32nd Annual General Meeting Notification

CAS will be holding the 32nd Annual General Meeting on 24th May 2009.

Also, CAS is celebrating her 35 years of Achievement in Malaysian Chess with one tournament for members only on 24th May 2009. This year marks the 35th anniversary for CAS, a milestone that we have seen many people contributed towards CAS directly or indirectly for the success of Malaysian Chess.

CAS will accept new membership registration on tournament day. For new adult membership is RM 40 for 1st year plus RM 15 as tournament entrance fee, however, you must send an email to on your intention to join the event before closing date on 20th May 2009. CAS will not accept any walk-in registration on tournament day.