Friday, April 30, 2010

37th Selangor Open Tournament 2010 - Day 2

FM Nicholas Chan maintained his lead position despite conceding a draw in Round 4 to another promising player Lim Zhuo Ren. IM Jimmy Liew on the other hand rebounded with a win against Mohd Nabil to set a date with the current leader. Can this 8 times winner of Selangor Open stop the flying doctor?

Last year's runner-up Ian Udani will be lurking for the title too but he has to stop Zhuo Ren first. Malaysia's hope Yeoh Li Tian too scored a respectable 3-pointers and going forward his next match against Kamaluddin Yusof will be a good gauge of where he stand amongst the local players.

In any event tomorrow will be a gruelling day for the players with three rounds to endure

37th Selangor Open Results

For the latest result on 37th Selangor Open , please visit here.

37th Selangor Open: Rd 3 pairing

Click here to download the pairing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

37th Selangor Open Tournament 2010

The 37th Selangor Open Tournament kicked off this afternoon with 71 players. Leading the charge this year is last year's winner FM Nicholas Chan. Contenders include Malaysia's first IM Jimmy Liew and last year's runner-up Ian Udani.

In the picture to the left is the Chief Arbiter IA Hamid Majid addressing the players before start of the Tournament. The 9-round FIDE rated Tournament will be played over 4 days with two rounds due to be completed today and the subsequent rounds over the next 3 days. Chess enthusiasts can watch the players in action at the DAT Chess Centre , Kompleks Wilayah

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last call: 37th Selangor Open

For those who wish to be part of the oldest chess tournament in Malaysia but yet to pre-register yourself for the event.

Don't worry, you may do a walk-in registration tomorrow at the tournament venue (DATCC @ 4th floor, Wilayah Complex, KL) between 12noon and 1.30pm. A surcharge of RM 20 (as per advertised) will be imposed as late fee on top of the entrance fee.

CAS Closed on 23 May 2010 [National-rated event]

CAS is organising a Closed event for her members on 23rd May in conjunction with her annual general meeting (AGM) take will take place in the same venue.

At the point of writing, this event is the only rated event sanctioned by MCF for the month of May. So, CAS is calling you to take part in this event if you want to get your maiden National Rating (if you do not have one) or see your rating performance changes to reflect your current strength.

Not many organisers actually submit their event for rating purposes, but CAS is among the few organisers who support the national rating system and do submit all events organised under CAS banner for rating purposes.

For those who yet to join member, you can sign-up to become a member on the tournament day itself and will process your application on the spot. Alternatively, you may want to drop by DATCC, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex on this coming Saturday (1st May) between 10am to 4pm for membership enrollment. By the way, 37th Selangor Open, the oldest chess tournament in Malaysia, is ongoing at the same venue. You can watch some of the Malaysian top players in action.

For more information on CAS Closed, please click here to download the infosheet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Facts on 37th Selangor Open Pre-registered Names

As of 25th Apr, a total of 91 players have pre-registered themselves for the upcoming oldest event in Malaysia. Among them, 39 players with FIDE rating (which represents 43% from the pool) and another 27 players with rated games. What this simple fact represents?

This is a 9-round tournament where a player has a 43% chance of meeting other player with FIDE rating which translate to 4 rated games on average. This is a good news to the other 27 players where majority of them will receive their maiden FIDE rating if can score some points from this event (provided he/she fulfils the min. 9 rated games requirement accumulate after completing the Selangor Open 2010).

What about the chances for the remaining players who still without an ID? Well, a player who can score a point from min. 3 rated games from an event will an ID with rated games. Since, Sel Open offers 4 rated games (average) it means all these players can start accumulating the 9 rated games as per FIDE requirement. This is a piece of super good news.

Do remember, games played against players who receive their maiden FIDE rating after this event do count as rated games. This further improves the chances of non-rated players to fulfil the min. 3 rated games played in one event. This is a piece of excellent news.

All in all, this event will see many players benefit either from getting their maiden FIDE rating or maiden FIDE ID.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

37th Selangor Open: Pre-registration List

All participants will be given free bottles of mineral water during the tournament. One of the committee member just carry back 120 liters of water from one of the hypermarkets in town. The number of bottles to be made available for consumption will depends on the pre-registration list.

Based on historical data, 20 to 25% of the the pre-registered names will not turn-up on tournament day. So, CAS will accept the pre-registration list up to 100pax. [PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSED OFFICIALLY]

Here is the latest list of the pre-registered names as at 27th Apr 2010 (12am) as follow:

1. Syazrin Abd Rahman
2. Iskandar Danial Adam
3. Muhd Hafiz Mohd Hisham
4. Muhd Fareed Mohd Hisham
5. Mohd Hisham Hj Buang
6. Loo Swee Leong (ID: 5701945, 2162)
7. Wong Yinn Long
8. Saiful Azrin Besari
9. Pratik Vaidya
10. Saurabh Barve
11. Sri Kabelen Srimuralitharan
12. Mohd Radzif Shoib
13. Gerald Soh
14. Lim Chong
15. Derek Poon Guo Liong -pd100
16. Sim Chung Seng
17. Fong Choong Ee (ID: 5701031, 2013)
18. Fong Yit Ho (ID: 5702780, 2010)
19. Fong Yit San (ID: 5702640, 1856)
20. Jimmy Liew
21. Ooi Zhi Yang
22. Rizal Ahmad Kamal
23. Ethan Wong
24. Vinton Wong
25. Abdullah Che Hassan
26. Anis Fariha Saleh
27. Fikri Saleh
28. Ismail Ahmad
29. Mohd Saprin Sabri
30. Mohd Zain Omar
31. Shaun Quake Zhun Zian
32. Yeoh Li Tian
33. Ian Udani (ID: 5206243)
34. Muhd Effendi Ismail
35. Lim Zhuo Ren
36. Low Jun Keat
37. Low Jun Jian
38. Poon Jit Wai -pd100
39. Ee Sun Xin
40. Abdul Rahim Ramli (ID 5706327)
41. Muhd Asyraf Zakaria
42. Natasha Kavina Sundra Rajoo -pd100
43. Chong Kwai Kun
44. Norazman Ismail
45. Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahraa
46. Cheah Cheok Fung
47. Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar
48. Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar
49. Muhd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar
50. Goh Xin Yen
51. Lum Zhun Hoong
52. MarK Siew
53. M. Razief Hakiem Zaini
54. Muhd syazwan zulkifli
55. Muhd Amir Ridhwan
56. Paul Parimanam
57. Andrew Ooi Boon Seng
60. Kamalarifin Wahiduddin
61. Mohd Khair Wahiduddin
62. Abd Khalid Musa
63. Haslindah Ruslan
64. Viknesh Viajantheran
66. Nor Ilhamuddin
67. Fong Mi Yen
68. Tan Ken Wei
69. Kamaluddin Yusof
70. Syed abdul rahman syed mohd
71. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan
72. Sahir Sarifdin - fide
73. Abdul Hadi Ramzani - vet
74. Amir Abdul Hakim Ramzani -18
75. Azhar Abdullah
76. Saharuddin Bin Mappa 5706823
77. Heng Fook Liang
78. Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Nawawi
79. William Lee Kah Howe
80. Nicholas Chan
81. Jax Tham
82. Amier Hamzah Zuhri
83. Mohd Azham Hassan
84. Ahmad Helmi Jaliluddin
85. Muhd Khairul Hafiz Hassan - 18
86. Hemant Sathish - 12
87. Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari - 12
88. Eric Choong
90. Mohd Zikri Mat Zaki
91. Mat Zaki Yeop
92. Muhd Taufik Azman
93. Abdul Haq Mohd
94. Roslina Marmono
95. Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham
96. Nur Nabila Azman Hisham
97. Nur Najiha Azman Hisham
98. Ashwin Shankar
99. Gokul Sajeev

Thank you to all of you have pre-register yourself for the event. PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE VENUE BETWEEN 12NOON AND 1.30PM ON 29TH APRIL FOR PAYMENT, failure to do so will see your name delete from the pre-registration list and your place will be taken over by any walk-in participant.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

37th Selangor Open [29th April to 2nd May] @ DAT Chess Centre, Wilayah Complex, KL

CAS is organising the longest running event in M'sia for the 37th consecutive years. Please click here for the infosheet. If you would like to join the event , please send an email with your name and handphone number to selangorchess@gmail .com before 25th April 2010.