Wednesday, April 1, 2015

42nd Selangor Open (30/4 - 4/5): Prospectus

CAS once again will be organizing the Oldest Chess Tournament in the country. This year we will be celebrating 42 continuous years of the Event. This event has a very colorful history since its first inception in 1974.

This year prize fund has been increased to RM14,500/= with the support from Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia Pacific via DAT Chess Centre. The Top 3 winners will be receiving RM 4,000, RM 2,500, and RM 1,500 respectively. Also, another 17 other top finishers shall receive prizes from Main prizes category. There will be 6 special prizes for awaiting Top 3 winners in Category Best OKU, Best Selangor U-10, Selangor U-16, Selangor Ladies, Selangor Veteran, and Best Malaysian Schools/IPT. Every player is entitled to 1 prize only (of higher cash value).

The venue for this venue is Pusat Kecemerlangan Paralimpik, Kompleks Sukan Negara Kampung Pandan. This venue is very suitable for outstation chess players because it comes with Air-cond Dormitory facility within the premise. Taking advantage of the dormitory facility that is OKU friendly,  CAS encourage strongly OKU participations in this edition.

Registration with payment by 20th April, shall enjoy RM 30 rebates. In addition, OKU participant shall be entitled to same privilege in lowest entry fees just like FIDE-rated player from Selangor. Also, any IPT or schools that send 4 players or more shall entitle to a further 20% rebate.

DAT Chess Centre, IA Hamid, has been appointed as the Event Manager. You may download a copy of the Prospectus here. All payments shall be paid into DAT Chess Centre Maybank account.

The Prospectus:-

The Entry Form:-