Thursday, March 27, 2014

25th Selangor Juniors Open on 30th March 2014: Update#3 [Players in Reserve List and More Prizes]

As a reminder to parents / teachers / coaches, please take note of the following:

Parents who have pre-registered their children but somehow their children are unable to make it to the event, please send a notification to by Saturday, 29th March 2014 (1pm).

Also, CAS has to rent chess equipments, tables and chairs to cater for the size of event which incurred a huge fixed cost on top of extra manpowers that are needed for the event. Failing to do so, CAS will blacklist your children from future pre-registration process.

CAS has expanded the Under-12 Prizes until 20th placing. On top of that, there will be a Prize for the Best Girl in each category. Also, Silver and Bronze Medals are added to the Best Schools for Under-12 and Under-16 Category. All-in-all, CAS has added prizes for another 24 players.  This means up to 81 players will receive  Prizes and Certificate of Achievements from the Event.

As of 28th March, all children from the list below have been included into the Official List. 

Children in the Reserve List as follows:-
1. Cheah Eason [2000]
2. Loh Zu Hao [2001]
3. Arjuna Tharmalingam [2001]
4. Muhd Syukur Razali [2003] 
5. Krethaloshanan Vinnan Rao Gunalan [1999]
6. Shanthur Sharan Rao Gunalan [2001]
7. Tharuna Ruben Rao Gunalan [2003]
8. Muhd Norusydi Mohd Razid [1999]
9. Naufal Syakir [1998]
10. Ahmad Farhan Nasrezam [2002]
11. Samuel Phang Han Wen [2003]
12. Natalie Phang Hui Fang [2005]
13. Vinnosh Rau [2004]
14. Akmal Khuzaifi Khairuddin [1999]
15. Adli Hakimi Khairuddin [2002]

16. Haidan Safiy [2002]
17. Johnathan Leong Wai Loong
18. Dinesh [2004]
19. R. Sobana [2001]
20. Aida Shazwina Shahrulizam-G [2001] *L
21. Amirul Shahmie bin Shahrulizam [2002] *L
22. Ahmad Solehuddin Shah bin Shahrulizam [2006] *L
23. Heng Wei Yang [1998] *L
24. Muhd Syafiq Mohd Rozi [1999] *L
25. Pavithra Thanabalan [2001] *L
26. Kabilan Thanabalan [2003] *L
27. Prashanth Ramasamy [2002] *L
28. Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah Mat Zaki-G [2007] *L
29. Nurul Farzana Halim Shuhaimi-G [2006] *L
30. Muhd Haziman Aiman Halim Shuhaimi [2004] *L

The Official List now contains 266 players in total. Refer here (U8), here (U12), here (U16).

No more registration. Thank you.