Monday, February 16, 2015

National Closed 2015 - Selection for Selangor Representatives [Please write in]

Dear Selangorians,

The National Closed is scheduled from 14th March to 18th March 2015.

Each State is allowed to send 2 Official Players (fulfilling min national rating /FIDE rating criteria) and 2 Wild Card Players (need not fulfil rating criteria) which is treated as Extra State Player for both Men and Women Category. Each State can also send as many Extra State players as long as they fulfil the rating criteria.
The criteria for Official Player and Extra State Players (except Wild Card Player) as follows:-
Men Qualification       : A minimum rating level of either NR 1650 OR FIDE 1800
Women Qualification : A minimum rating level of either NR 1400 OR FIDE 1550

CAS has extended invitation to 2 highest rated players to represent Selangor as Official Player for both Men and Women Category. CAS will pay the Entry Fees for all Official Players. 

For the Wild Card Slots, CAS will award the 2 Men and 2 Women to the highest rated players (who did not fulfil National Rating Jan release or FIDE Rating March release minimum rating set by MCF). Please email to with (Name and H/p Number) by 21st February for selection purpose. The players who are shortlisted must pay their own entry fee i.e. RM150 each by 24th February.

For any other player who has qualified the rating criteria and would like to join, please write-in to CAS ( by 23rd February. The player has to pay own entry fee i.e. RM150 by 24th February. (Take note that the Entry Fee for Direct registration with MCF without going through State is RM250.)
Lastly, Selangor Players who have qualified under MCF MERIT PERFORMANCES. CAS will be glad to pay for your Entry Fee, however, you must write-in to CAS ( by 23rd February in order for us to submit your name to the Organiser. 
MCF Merit Performances Criteria:-
1. Top 10 Men and Women in NR January 2015 List.  
2. All previous National Masters(NM) and National Women Masters (NWM)
3. National Junior Champions Boy and Girl (U-20) 2014
4. MSSM Individual U-18 Boy Champion and Girl U-18 Champion 2014
5. SUKIPT Champion 2014