Sunday, May 4, 2014

41st Selangor Open Chess Tournament 2014 - Final Results

The Chess Association of Selangor successfully hosted the 41st Selangor Open Chess Tournament this evening. Top rated IM Nolte Rolando ( FIDE 2417) repeated the feat he clinched two years ago with a 8 1/2 points

In the Closing Speech, CAS President thanked the players both locally and overseas for participating in the Tournament. The relatively strong contingent Filipino contingent almost dominated the top tables.. However the local challenge provided enough sting with Mohd Saprin taking the 2nd spot with a strong 7 1/2 points. The Tournament should serve as an invaluable test of  skills for the local players 

Equally strong challenge came from our local youngster Fong Yit San in 6th Position but the most impressive must be our local girl Rosamund Koo who shot up from her 40th ranking at the start, to a respectable 9th Position, a not so common feat for any female in our local open competition. 
A group photo session of all the Winners
....and the Champion in red T-shirt with CAS Officials