Sunday, June 13, 2010

12th CAS - OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro on 13th June 2010 (Sunday)

(Winners of the Tournament together with the recently elected CAS officials namely CAS President En Shafruddin (seated at centre ), VP En Mok Tze Meng (to his right), IA Lim Tse Pin (far right), and two  newly elected VP En Yeoh Chin Seng ( to his left ) and Council member En Lim Chong (far left))

GM Ziaur Rahman made a grand debut in the above CAS-Octagon  Second Quarter Allegro 2010 scoring full points this evening. In 2nd place was Cheah Cheok Fung with 5 1/2 points on better tie-break over two other players namely Chan Sheng Yip and Fariz Shafruddin. Regular campaigner Ian Udani had to settle for 5th position when he lost the final round to the GM.

Complete Tournament cross Table as follows: