Sunday, September 13, 2009

SelangorChess News - Chess development and a Notification

CAS has been long established since around the mid-1970's and over the years took pains to abide by the requirements of the authorities notably the Registrar of Societies which included inter-alia aspects on membership and financial reporting. The Association has also been in the forefront in the areas of chess development having conducted numerous short training courses for the junior players for instance. CAS also seems to be the sole voice in official meetings calling for greater transparency in the running of chess bodies. In addition CAS is one of the leading pioneers to introduce international level chess competition in the Malaysian calendar, namely the Selangor Open now in its 36th year, a tradition the Association has been able and obliged to maintain over the years

Chess has since been widely accepted as sports at international levels and to some extent by the Olympic Council of Malaysia. Following the legislation of the Sports Development Act 1997 the Commisioner of Sports ('COS') was soon established, and chess was later included in the list.

In addition to the normal compliances, COS also seeks the development and promotion of the sports. To this end COS proposes a formal broad-based pyramid infrastructure. In short, all chess bodies must be registered with COS be it at club (school,university, work-place, residentials, social group, etc), district or State levels, with a National body at the apex. While non-funded activities may not be under strict scrutiny the soliciting and disbursements of funds from sponsors, participants and/or parents may face the full weight of the law which if convicted is not mere let-off with penalty fine but a jailable offence.

Taking cognisance the above matters CAS urges all relevant bodies to register with COS and to work closely with the Association on chess activities in the State. To reiterate CAS has been active but probably slowed down over the past two years initially to avoid duplication given the spurt of activities and especially the lack of man-power. It is thus timely for all responsible to come forward and play active role in the development of chess as envisioned by the authorities