Monday, December 22, 2008

SelangorChess News - December 2008

CAS completed its chess calendar last November with the conclusion of the 10th CAS-Octagon 4th Quarter Allegro 2008. Most of the CAS officials are now either on holiday or busy with year-end work. But there were still a flurry of chess activities in the country in December. In addition to the just completed chess tournament in Bukit Jalil and the still on-going chess championship in Trengganu, our fellow affiliates north of the border namely Penang Chess Association ('PCA') and Perak International Chess Association ('PICA') had also successfully completed their chess programs this month
PCA recently held its annual 'Pertandingan Catur Terbuka 2008' in conjunction with the Pesta Pulau Pinang on 13th to 14th Dec 2008 at Dewan Sri Pinang. (Dewan Sri Pinang is strategically located near a beach as seen above). It was a team event attracting a number of players from the Klang Valley this time. GM Bong Villamayor were at the scene to add glamour to the event won eventually by 'Old Frees Association A' team . Full results are available at the PCA web site

PICA is one other active affiliate having completed 5 tournaments this year. A major draw is that tournaments are held in various locations in the State. The Clearwater Sanctuary Chess Tournament is set in a beautiful country golf club outside Ipoh. For the record Sumant Subramaniam (in green shirt) won this year's tournament held last June.

Going further north to Taiping, PICA in collaboration with CRC held its 4th CRC Taiping Open Chess Tournament last Sunday. The Tournament again attracted a number of players from the Klang Valley, notably Selangor. It was a fine performance by Selangor although few in number made a strong presence in the competition. But it is more than mere competition, rather the bond seen amongst players of various States.

The organiser was gracious enough to print sufficient copies of the results for distribution to participants and observers

Finally we would like to wish our Christian friends 'Merry Christmas' and to all viewers ' Happy New Year'