Sunday, April 20, 2014

41st Selangor Open [FIDE-rated]: Update#3 [Early Bird Discount Extended by 3 days]

CAS shall extend the early bird discount up to 24th April in order to enable some who have pre-registered but yet to make payment. Meantime, anyone who yet to register can enjoy the discount too if you submit the form and make payment by 24th April.

As at 20th April, we have 40 players in the list, still a long way to go if compare to last year 73 participants. With the organizing cost escalating over the years, it will not going in favour of 9-round Classical Time that needs 5 or 6 days of competition. The venue rental alone (without adding tables, chairs and equipment rental yet) is equivalent to this year Champion winning prize, i.e. RM 2,500/=.

CAS really hope the participant numbers can be doubled in 10 days time. There are 35 individual prizes up for grab totalling RM10,000/= cash and 3 prizes for Best Schools/Institution of Higher Learning. For those who wish to land a support by joining this event, please Click here for more details.