Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NAG 2014: Event Registration Procedure for Selangorians

The PMB National Age-Group Chess Championships 2014 will be held at UNITEN Bangi from 25th (Friday) to 27th Apr (Sunday). Every participant shall be given a copy of Certificate of Participation by MCF. The child can bring it back to the school for leave purposes.

Children (Malaysians only) who are EITHER Born OR Living OR Schooling in Selangor can register via the Association to enjoy a cheaper entry fee of RM50 as opposed to RM70.

The Registration Procedures
1. Fill-up the NAG Entry Form and Scan It

2. Fill-up Selangor Chess Player's Registration Form and Scan It

3. [Updated on 9th April, 6pm] Due to unforeseen circumstances, please don't bank-in into CAS Standard Chartered Acc. 794-1-4102906-2 (Persatuan Catur Selangor) with immediate effect until  further notice. To facilitate the payment process, you may bank RM50/pax into Maybank Acc: 112223186563 (Lim Tse Pin). Mr Lim will transfer your payment into MCF account. Scan the bank-in Slip / Capture a screenshot if performs via Online Banking [Take note: For bulk registration, payment for all children must be done in ONE TRANSACTION for easy reference]. Extended Last payment date: 13TH APRIL 2014 (SUNDAY)

4. Email all three documents to latest by 13TH APRIL 2014 (SUNDAY)

CAS will not entertain any NAG registration after 13TH APRIL 2014.

The infosheet:-

The entry form:-

The Selangor Player Registration form:-