Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SelangorChess - An Aspiration

(Close bond of a family friend)

To join the challenge long overdue, a Malaysian Grandmaster in our midst,
and to add.... an Olympiad ranking amongst the best to our name,
a possible dream

Down Under for an answer...


Passing on the baton ...to make a difference, wishfully.

(En Basri in white receiving a plaque)

A mind game creating beauty out of imbalance ... and to reach out above board


In search of the elusive gold...

(Joe and the kids)

Seeking the path toh success. We have a role, and to involve all.
Seeking a formula sustainable, and
to Do It Better

(Team CAS)

The best, but a fry in the forest flame.
To measure the important and not distracted by traps and noise from without.

(Team Selangor)

We are at centre board but the frontier's impenetrable.
Listen intensely but worry not the detractors as rules are not their game

(Turkey 2003)

Sharing ideas with the best but yearn for progress at the backyard.To thrive on chaos and to decentralize?

(A young player)

Age and gender should not matter. But the many islands that form only to disunite
Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh

(MCF Officials)

Breakthrough ideas and inspirational thoughts are never confined to the few.
Change and integrity are both inevitable and prerequisites for success

Age is but a number... another Nick, Marc, Siti, Wan and Wani will emerge like the morning dew.
To think as one - to inspire a common passion. To overcome whatever the obstacles

(33rd Selangor Open)

We strive for the best.
To seek the tempo, to feign a threat and to build a structure so formidable

(At the Olympiad)

(The Ukrainians and The Trophy)

To vision a common Dream - the players, organizers and cheerleaders as one.
A building block for an opening and the middle, with an end in mind.

By Shafruddin,