Sunday, April 6, 2008

10th CAS 2nd Quarter Chess Allegro 2008 (Category 1)

Kamaluddin Yusuf a regular campaigner in the local chess circuit won the Championship this evening despite his setback in Round 4 against Fariz Shafruddin. His win over Sumant Subramaniam in the Final Round propelled him to the top while the latter who only needed a draw had to settle at 4th Position. Sharing 6 points with 16th seeded Zaidan Zulkipli, the winner was decided by the stipulated 5th tie-break of 'won game', probably the first time in the country or at least in CAS events to decide on the eventual winner.

In the picture is Zaidan making his move which ended with a draw against Sumant Subramaniam. He also drew another game with Fariz Shafruddin (seated in green T-shirt) in the 6th Round, to be the only unbeaten player in this Category 1 tournament. It was a a fruitful outing for this medical student taking a short break from his studies in Ireland when he earlier stopped another favourite Filipino player Ian Udani in the 5th Round. Looking on is tournament top seeded Ronnie Lim (in black T-shirt) who squeezed into 10th place with 4 points.

Junior National player Yeoh Li Tian grabbed the top Under-15 Best Prize, a commendable feat considering he was placed a respectable 15th overall in a field comprising a number of established senior players.

Overall the Championship series organized by the Chess Association of Selangor or CAS was a success with a strong albeit smaller than expected turnout. Hopefully with better dissemination of information and coordination of chess activities amongst organizers will benefit the chess fraternity in the Klang Valley.