Sunday, September 8, 2013

14th CAS Third Quarter Allegro 2013 - Results

CAS had concluded the third series of the Allegro successfully this evening. A total of 123 players took part in today's event with players coming from Iran, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

The Category 1 saw an immense fight for the Championship till the last round where pre-tournament top seed Yeoh Li Tian finishes half point ahead of all his competitors which include two-time CAS Quarter Allegro 2013 Champion Wong Jianwen, Lim Zhuo Ren, Abdur Rauf of Bangladesh, Hermanu, Ilhamuddin, Masrin and of course his own dad, Chin Seng.

Click here to view the full results of Category 1.   

While Category 2 is always the most unpredictable with many players are playing at about the same playing strength. Example, the top seed Ngasiman Hj Sapuan has 1393 rating points where as the third seed Janet Chan has 1390 rating points. Even, the 15th seeded guy was just 70 points away. This must be a very lucky day for 14th seeded Koay Zi Hao who manages 5 wins in-a-row without playing against any top 10 pre-seeded players. In Round 6, he faces the only maximum pointer, 12th seeded Lim Qi Yang who just scored a hard fought upset win against 4th seeded Aminur. Koay won the battle of surprise leaders. In the last round, he was pitted against the tournament top seed where he just showed us his 6 wins in-a-row was no fluke by recording his 7th straight win.

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