Monday, July 9, 2012

23rd Selangor Juniors Open Chess Tournament Under-12 Highlights

Now, the tournament highlights in Under-12:-

1. No upsets among the top 10 pre-seeded players based on their National Rating in Round 1.

2. In Round 2, Praghashkumar Thanasegeren dropped a bombshell in disposing top seed Tan Jun Ying. While, 4th seed Ng Jen Sheng was held to a draw by 11th seed Christine Lee. Is this the first indicator on a possible fierce contest? Lets wait and see.

3.In Round 3, there was only 7 players with full points. Board 1 and 3 were according to the seeding. However, Sean Ooi was held to a draw by Yee Jian Yang on Board 2. Giant-killer Praghashkumar had continued his killing act by disposing off Christine on Board 4. While, Ng Jen Sheng was lucky to escape with a draw in this round. His opponent, Lee Zhi Yan, was having a Queen against Ng's Rook with the former having an extra pawn from both same side pawn chain has request a draw using FIDE Article 10.2 aka 2-minute quick play ruling to chess players. The Chief Arbiter, Lim Tse Pin, has postponed his decision and applied Article 10.2.b despite the fact Article 10.2.a can be applied in this obvious case. Usually, an Arbiter who applied 10.2.b actually know the position is non-winnable for opponent [but there is a benefit of doubt on Claimant in each claim made i.e. s/he may not know how to continue playing, trying to use Arbiter as his/her savior; And/Or to satisfy his/her opponent's right to fight for a win], else Arbiter will applied Article 10.2.c i.e. to reject the claim. By applying Article 10.2.b, Ng in an inferior position who did not agree to accept his opponent draw offer was added 2 extra minutes to his time to prove that he can win. The game continued under CA supervision, and ended with Lee having a Queen and pawns vs. Ng's pawns. So, the game was declared a draw based on a simple fact that Lee has improved his position further. Why?
Situation: Lee has claimed a draw under Article 10.2 using superior position (+5 points) as a basis.
Verdict: CA had applied 10.2.b. Take note, 10.2.a can be applied here.
Possible outcome#1: Lee (+5 points) lost his game, so Ng will be declared as Winner.
Possible outcome#2: Lee (+5 points) won his game, so the game is declared as a draw game since Lee had request a draw under Article 10.2. Take note, some chess players in the tournament hall assume Lee should be given the win.
Possible outcome#3: Lee (+5 points) still maintain his superior position after both flag falls or has reached a position with neither side able/can produce a clear verdict based on their over the board chess-playing skills. A draw will be declared.
Result: Outcome#2 had happened.

4. In Round 4, Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari (still hot from his 2nd placing in MBSSKL U-14 yesterday) had stopped the progression of giant-killer Praghashkumar. While, Nithyalakshmi, Jaron and Jun Ying were  the winner on Board 2, 3, and 4 respectively. On Board 4, 35th seed Tan Qian Hui had delivered a shocking result by winning against Ng Jen Sheng. Is this the second indicator on a possible series of many upsets that yet to come? Lets wait and see.

5. In Round 5, Emir was pitted against Nithyalakshmi, and the winner of this encounter will likely be the Champion of this category at the end of the day. The latter won her encounter. Elsewhere, 12th seed Daniel Fitri Ramly had accumulated 3 wins from 4 games and was paired against top-ranked Tan Jun Ying. The fomer lost the game. Praghashkumar and Mok Shu Zing were able to draw against their higher ranked opponents respectively.

6. In Round 6, Nithyalakshmi had consolidated her position as the frontrunner by writing-off last week U10 Champion, Ng Shi Yang. While, Emir, Shu Zing and Daniel had created an upset by getting an upper hand against top ranked Tan Jun Ying, 7th seed Jaron Tan and 11th seed Christine respectively.

7. In Round 7, Nithyalakshmi just need half point to take an unstoppable lead and be crowned as Champion. She went on to win her last encounter against top ranked Tan Jun Ying. Emir took a quick draw from Sean to obtain 2nd place, while Sean is likely to finish in top 4 bracket due to superior tie-break. On Board 3, Ng Jen Sheng after a slow start had managed to catch up eventually with top prize runners by defeating Shu Zing. While, Yee Jian Yang and Shi Yang won their encounters on Board 4 and 5 respectively.

The final standing for top 15 prizewinners as below:-

Name FED Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3
Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan-G MAS 1622 7.0 31.0 31.00 28.0
Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari MAS 1539 5.5 32.0 22.50 24.5
Sean Ooi Zhi Jian MAS 1592 5.0 32.5 20.25 21.0
Ng Shi Yang MAS 1486 5.0 27.5 15.00 21.0
Yee Jian Yang MAS 1521 5.0 27.0 17.75 20.0
Ng Jen Sheng MAS 1573 5.0 24.5 17.25 18.5
Mok Shu Zing MAS 1467 4.5 31.5 17.00 19.5
Jaron Tan Xe Yung MAS 1510 4.5 31.0 17.25 19.5
Praghashkumar Thanasegeren MAS 1420 4.5 28.0 15.25 20.5
Christine Lee Mei Yen-G MAS 1395 4.5 25.0 14.00 18.0
Giam Kee Wern MAS 1264 4.5 21.5 13.75 13.5
Tan Jun Ying MAS 1633 4.0 28.5 11.50 19.0
Nur Shahidah Azmi-G MAS 0 4.0 25.5 12.50 16.0
Daniel Fitri Ramly MAS 1323 4.0 25.5 11.50 18.0
Tan Qian Hui-G MAS 1065 4.0 25.0 13.00 16.0

 For the full result, please click here.