Friday, April 20, 2012

39th Selangor Open: Update#1

Good News! IM Jimmy Liew, our country first International Master, has confirmed his participation in the 39th Selangor Open.

Jimmy has won the most number of times in Selangor Open history. He first won the title on the 7th edition in the year 1980, and his second title on the 9th edition. 3 yrs later, he won it again, by then has also added an IM title under his belt. He continues to win the title for the next 3 years.

This make him the first person to win the Selangor Open for 4 years in-a-row, a New Championship Record (that still standing until today) was set that surpasses the record of 3 years in-a-row set by IM Dr. Max Wotulo in 1977.

4 years later, Jimmy once again added the 19th edition to his collection of glittering silverware oops .... should be called pewterware since Royal Selangor is THE Sponsor from 10th edition to 35th edition. In 1999, Jimmy once again had captured the 26th Selangor Open and has extended his own winning record to 8 times.

This could well be a National Record for The Most Number of Wins ever recorded in a Single Chess Championship.