Monday, April 26, 2010

Facts on 37th Selangor Open Pre-registered Names

As of 25th Apr, a total of 91 players have pre-registered themselves for the upcoming oldest event in Malaysia. Among them, 39 players with FIDE rating (which represents 43% from the pool) and another 27 players with rated games. What this simple fact represents?

This is a 9-round tournament where a player has a 43% chance of meeting other player with FIDE rating which translate to 4 rated games on average. This is a good news to the other 27 players where majority of them will receive their maiden FIDE rating if can score some points from this event (provided he/she fulfils the min. 9 rated games requirement accumulate after completing the Selangor Open 2010).

What about the chances for the remaining players who still without an ID? Well, a player who can score a point from min. 3 rated games from an event will an ID with rated games. Since, Sel Open offers 4 rated games (average) it means all these players can start accumulating the 9 rated games as per FIDE requirement. This is a piece of super good news.

Do remember, games played against players who receive their maiden FIDE rating after this event do count as rated games. This further improves the chances of non-rated players to fulfil the min. 3 rated games played in one event. This is a piece of excellent news.

All in all, this event will see many players benefit either from getting their maiden FIDE rating or maiden FIDE ID.