Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CAS Major Tournaments in 2010

CAS will start the year with two of the Association's mainstay tournaments as follows:

1. 37th Selangor Open 2010 (FIDE rated/Nat. rated) on 29th April to 2nd May 2010

2. 12th CAS -Octagon 2nd Quarter Allegro Championship (Nat. rated) to be held on the 20th June 2010

Both tournaments have each earned a major place amongst Malaysian chess tournaments respectively due invariably to the concerted efforts of the the CAS Committee members over the years and support of the sponsors, chess communities and most importantly the chess players.

Further details will be furnished, along with a complete calendar of CAS chess events for this year.

In the meantime do earmark the dates and with time on your side to spring* to the challenge. Better still players can preregister at our e-mail address or tel En Mat Zaki 017-2032051 or En Lim Tse Pin 012-2984922 to assure your place