Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Malaysian Chess Championship 2009 - Final

The Selangor representatives fared not too badly especially in the National Woman Championship category. Amira scored 5 1/2 points or 2 points behind the eventual winner to earn the 5th position. There was high expectations on her compatriot Nabila who could only obtain 7th position. She was definitely playing well below her strength. Haslindah on the other hand did well to get 8th. on tiebreak, and Selangor's 4th entry Najiha was placed 15th

In the National Championship however, only Kamaluddin featured in the top 10, with an 8th position collecting a commendable 6 points. His last two games against Zhuo Ren and Saprin both ended in draws. In the meantime Ismail was placed 13th with 5 1/2 points, Li Tian was 18th with 5 points and finally Fadli in 20th position also with 5 points. 

55 players took part in the National Championship and was won by Evan Capel of Penang. In the National Women Championship 22 players took part. A 12 -year old KL girl Tan Li Tian took the NWM title. Full results can be accessed at