Sunday, January 11, 2009

11th CAS-Octagon First Quarter Allegro Chess Championship 2009 - 15th February 2009

Reminder - change of date

The year's first allegro will kick-start next month 15th February 2009 instead of this weekend . Details is shown in the earlier posts. Please register your interest through e-mail by Thursday 12th February 2009

In the meantime, news from the deep south

Two of the top CAS Committe members drove down south to join a tournament organised by fellow affiliate Johore Chess Association. A number of CAS members were also present at the 35th Floor City Square, Johore Bahru tournament hall yesterday

Filipino IM JC Sadorra (in striped t-shirt) took the title the second time in the Frank Goon Cup 2009. Amongst the players who tried to stop him was Fariz Shafruddin (facing the IM) but fell through in the end-game. Seated beside Fariz was FM Mok Tze Meng who later faced the Filipino. The former was by then 1/2 point behind but Mok too faltered due to time-pressed ending. The two CAS Committee Members Mok and Fariz however did well to finally clinched the 2nd and 10th positions in the Cup.

Looking on in the picture above is another SelangorChess junior player Muhd Shakir Shazmeer Azhar (standing second from right) who played in the Under-16 section. He finished 6th overall.

Accompanying him were his three siblings who did especially well to dominate the top tables of the Under-12 section to an almost perfect finish of 1-2-4 , conceding the 3rd position to a Johorean boy.

Of small minds .....
Heard the concerns over CAS playing venue being held outside the State by certain chess players and organisers, and the many petty issues dogging Malaysian chess. "We would excuse the older and the less educated generation to be ignorant of concepts like policy deployment for instance but to hear from the younger set is pathetic. More so they must convey the message through an equally gullible third party who like these detractors have no inclination to develop Malaysian chess in a broad and structured manner, other than to serve their own narrow interests" Shafruddin